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Best candles for a vehicle is platinum or iridium

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The operation of the internal combustion engine is directly connected to the spark plugs. From their correct choice depends on the durability of the engine as spark, safety. One of the leaders of sales, despite the high cost, went platinum and iridium arsonists. Which ones are the best view right now.

Platinum and iridium Sz

Than platinum and iridium spark different from the rest

Traditionally marking the candle give the material of the Central electrode. Distinguish platinum, iridium, Nickel, copper with a heat resistant coating. Less commonly used gold and palladium spark plugs – they are usually found in race cars and motorcycles.

Along with the Central electrode set and side. The material may be less heat resistant, which leads to a gradual fading of the instigators of under the effect of frequent spark discharges. And it all depends on the choice of the manufacturer.

Platinum or iridium – which is better

When choosing a spark plug to Orient on the performance of parts, heat rating, physical characteristics, etc. Special attention should be paid to the selection it is for glow. A low value will degrade the quality of the supplied fuel-air mixture, and heat will cause detonation and complete destruction of the engine.

Iridium consumables

On the second place in importance – physical dimensions. Candles should fit in their designated space, otherwise the circuit will be broken and the machine or will not start, or will it happen another trouble.

Engine manufacturers rarely recommend the use of standard candles made of copper or nichrome because of the small resource and a quick coating of soot. And the main patterns of the master bet on a more expensive but reliable platinum and iridium.

If you, dear readers, was not convinced by the arguments of the editorial Board, confirm the official statistics. Resource one Nickel candle does not exceed 40 thousand kilometers on roads of good quality. And CIS countries this figure should be divided into at least two because of the almost complete lack of asphalt on the road network. Add a contribution and temperature changes. The platinum with iridium online increased in 2 times, and they are more protected from the effects of weather and mechanical factors.

Sz iridium from NGK

Platinum spark plugs

The Central electrode is made of a noble material or alloys. Platinum is resistant to corrosion, the formation of soot. Minimal resource on the asphalt of the road network and 60 thousand kilometres in off-road conditions it is 40 thousand km Material shows excellent heat resistance, which is extremely important for the operating conditions of the internal combustion engine. But the slow burnout of the electrodes is not the only benefit of these candles. This is only a fraction of interesting facts:

  • Compared to the standard plugs, platinum give strong spark, which is reflected in the quality of ignition of the mixture.
  • Stable ignition of fuel is achieved by low voltage platinum center electrodes.
  • The maximum mileage on the best candles with a platinum electrode is about 100 thousand kilometers. For the entire period of operation jump dramatically relevant indicators do not exist as such.
  • The output of the turbocharged and high-powered internal combustion engines resulted candles made of platinum with a U-neck. This form is more efficiently burns the fuel assemblies and facilitates the starting of the motor.

Platinum consumable


They came later platinum. From the first they differ in mileage. Here the lower boundary at 100 km, which is slightly above the competition. Some interesting information about candles of iridium.

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  • Iridium allows you to achieve the thickness of the electrode at 0.4 mm which is much thinner than 0.7 mm. from the platinum. Thanks to a smaller gap and the thickness of the electrodes of the spark obtained is stable and reliable.
  • Iridium is harder than platinum. Therefore, candles made of this material installed on any cars where terminarse plays an important role or require vysokomolochnye candles.
  • Manufacturers of iridium arsonists seek to improve the formulation of electrodes from this material. Due to additional additives enhance the properties of the material such as oxidation resistance or thermal conductivity.

Myths and truths

It may seem that iridium spark better than platinum. This is only partly true. It all depends on the engine that can be compatible with a particular arsonists. And on some engines the efficiency may not be noticeable when you change the material of candles.

The use of iridium in the low-octane engines could lead to undesirable consequences. This is the best detonation of fuel, and at worst – the destruction of the engine. Reduced operating efficiency due to excessive formation of carbon on the spark plugs.

As a General resource, not much difference. Although iridium are claimed by the manufacturer the greater the mileage, the actual will be the same, especially in the former Soviet Union. All due to the rule of the driver to make allowances for 20-40 percent when you calculate the total mileage use.

On this basis, we can give useful advice: see immediately type of mounted candles and buy only them. And if you want to change to another type in order to improve running performance, contact the experienced exploiters of the car. They will suggest the best solution. But to experiment, nobody forbids, the main thing — that the car was out of warranty.

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