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What cars have the most effective sound insulation

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When choosing a new car, the emphasis is on its technical specifications, engine, performance, etc. But no less important aspect is insulation.

Ford Fiesta

The quality and efficiency of noise reduction of a vehicle directly affects the level of comfort of the driver and his passengers when traveling.

Therefore, fairly many are interested in the cars with the best sound insulation and are trying to find among the worthy options for the optimal car to purchase.

It is important to understand that no one, even the most high-class manufacturer can not fully protect motorists from extraneous noise and sounds. But they are working hard to reduce them to a minimum. And many do it well. Someone noise isolation is better, others — worse.


To determine which machines are the good insulation, and to classify the vehicle, the final rating was divided into 3 categories.

This gives you the opportunity to present a short list of cars equipped with from the factory good and effective insulation in different segments. Namely:

  • the lightweight model;
  • classic sedan;
  • crossovers.

Such a division is quite logical and natural, since the choice of the car buyer usually knows what class or type of the body it targets.

It is important to note that the standard noise levels in areas with heavy traffic is about 85 decibels, that is, acoustic decibels. This value can be compared to the sound of a running chainsaw, which roughly gives the opportunity to represent the noise level.

If long time to be driving or just riding in the passenger seat with such a noise, first the person will just feel uncomfortable. Then he will feel a heavy load on the organs of hearing. All of this can result in fatigue and distracted attention. And this is a direct threat to the accident.

There are a number of reasons, the car needs a good and effective protection against noise. And well, when it is provided from the factory. In other cases it is necessary to solve the problem on its own and for a fee.

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Now let’s meet the winners in each of the categories, which formed the final rating of the cars with really good sound insulation. All these machines are worthy of your attention offered in various price categories and simplifies the matter of choice.


The popularity of crossovers is growing rapidly. Moreover, the priority of the modern motorist is not a classic SUV, and the universal crossover that focuses more on urban operation. But it is also able to show themselves beyond the asphalt.

The design of the crossover involves the use of a fairly impressive size of the wheel arches, and a large body and powerful engine, superior in its characteristics, many conventional sedans to the more compact urban hatchbacks. Because of these design features in the process of movement, you receive more noise. If you add a factory noise isolation is ineffective, the result will be sad.

But among crossovers excellent models that demonstrate exemplary performance protection from extraneous sounds and noise in the cabin.

Here it will be interesting to find out what exactly the car noise insulation was better.

Renault Kaptur

  • Renault Kaptur. Opens a rating of the French car. This compact crossover has become very popular almost immediately after its appearance on the market. Among other advantages, it is worth noting a good level of factory noise. Tests showed the noise with an index of 60.6 dBA. The engineers of Renault managed to correctly build a structure Kaptur. Drivers report that they are still talking on the phone on speaker, even when the speedometer is the value of 100 kilometers per hour. This is an example of a great budget car with good noise isolation, which can offer not all the models are more expensive segment.
  • Haval H2. An interesting crossover from China, which initially were extremely skeptical. And for good reason. Haval x2 exceeded all expectations. Even a pleasant surprise in terms of soundproofing. Measurements in the cabin showed the value at 59.8 dBA. This allows you to safely talk on the phone or with passengers at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour and not get tired after long rides.
  • Kia Sorento Prime. If not largely unexpected winner, this Korean cars would be the most high sound insulation performance. But before the model with the best insulation crossover from Kia lacked quite a bit. But to 58.7 dBA was very decent figure. The car looks looks great, has AWD, is offered at a reasonable price. More and isolation from extraneous sounds at the highest level. So in the crossover segment there is another very serious competitor.
  • Honda Pilot. And in which car the noise isolation in the end proved to be the best, so it is in Japanese large crossover, almost SUV called the Pilot. Many were surprised by the fact that full-size crossover has managed to show such high rates. The noise level in the cabin when driving in dense urban stream made up only of 58.4 dBA. The new generation Pilot is additionally equipped with system of forced noise suppression.

The result is somewhat surprising, and sometimes startling. If someone said that the best insulation will be in the cabin of the Honda Pilot, given the characteristics of the previous generation, no one would believe. But it really is a very quiet car and comfortable being behind the wheel and in the passenger seats.

Another intriguing fact concerns the fact that the favorites in terms of quality of evidence were representatives of the budget and middle price segment. Any premium crossover among the winners there.


By definition it is the sedan is the most comfortable type of body. Therefore, there is a fairly extensive list of models with really good sound insulation performance.

But the rating of sound insulation were the only machines that have good factory sound insulation, officially represented in Russia and are popular among consumers.

In the end, the top leaders are as follows:

Toyota Camry

  • Toyota Camry. Opens the leaderboard on the sound insulation of sedans one of the most popular cars in the world, produced by the Japanese car company. At Camry there is a good trend. With each new generation of sly is getting better and better. Largely enhanced comfort of the latest generation Camry is associated with the production of the body. In addition to improved manageability and security, the new body has improved the quality of noise isolation. Tests in urban environments and in dense traffic showed the peak value is 64.9 dBA. Even if you install under the hood of a powerful engine of 3.5 liters, its operation will be audible only slightly.
  • Skoda Octavia body A7. This is the last generation of Czech car, which was able to demonstrate the noise level of 63.5 dB. It is even higher than the more expensive Japanese sedans. The result is largely unexpected. Although this isolation is due to the improved design of the transmission and the engine. Most of the noise, according to owners and experts who have conducted experiments comes through the wheel arches. Therefore, with proper choice of tire noise in the cabin is at a comfortable level.
  • Volkswagen Passat. A favorite among the most efficiently isolated from the background noise of the sedans were pedantic German Passat car of the last generation. This machine has long been known for its high levels of practicality, safety and build quality. A list of advantages, the new Passat also got the quietest cabin in its class. Noise level measurements were 61.9 dBA.

Are the sedan objectively deserve your attention. If you choose a car according to his comfort level and quality of factory sound insulation, in the category of sedans these models is currently not.

Subcompact models

Compact cars are the domestic drivers cause a diametrically opposite view. Some consider them the optimum solution for large cities and metropolis, due to the maneuverability, modest dimensions and low fuel consumption.

Others call them too small, uncomfortable and designed especially for female drivers. Here already everyone decides for himself which side to take.

But if you start from the indicators of noise reduction among small hatchbacks and sedans, there are a number of worthy representatives, demonstrating the level of noise is not worse than that of the more famous competitors with more substantial dimensions.

Among compact urban hatchbacks on the results of the testing experts have provided 3 winners.

Hyundai i30

  • The Hyundai i30. The last place among the three leaders took Korean compact car designed primarily for urban use. When compared with sedans and crossovers, the target of 76 dBA is pretty impressive. But it’s still one of the best results in the segment of passenger vehicles. 76 dBA, which is considered normal for long trips. Prolonged exposure to the machine will not cause driver irritability and fatigue. Even the noise of the motor, which hears the driver of the Hyundai i30 at the movement corresponds to comfortable values. The weak point of the Korean hatchback wheel arches are considered, where noise insulation is very weak. Especially in combination with the standard tires.
  • The Volkswagen Polo. A very popular car from Germany, which is collected at the Russian factories. When compared with the predecessors the new Polo, the level of noise reduction, latest generation has increased significantly. The current 74 dB look extremely dignified. The automaker has worked to correct our mistakes. In addition to the simple external changes salon, they used better materials and added more regular noise. Updated design allows in a quite pleasant and comfortable range of decibels to overcome for Volkswagen Polo long distances. A large contribution to the noise made by the developers of the suspension and upgraded the wheel lesson.
  • Ford Fiesta. But the undisputed winner in this mini-rating among small cars was the representative of the American automobile industry. The new generation Ford Fiesta has surpassed even major competitors significantly. What can we say, if the noise level after numerous tests never exceeded at 65.7 dBA. Such values are not able to demonstrate many cars of the more expensive and premium price segment. Such indicators quietness has largely been achieved thanks to sophisticated suspension design and the use of modern engines. Plus, Ford has modified the sound insulation in the engine compartment and installed from the factory to the effective cover to the wheel arches. In its class it’s really an amazing result, to which all must seek.

Nice to know that gradually the technology improved, development of new materials and innovative approaches in the creation of the different car designs. Most of the efforts of engineers and designers from leading automotive companies aim to make the new model comfortable and quiet.

While some of the technology, noise suppression and protection from extraneous sounds available only on the most expensive cars. Due to the cost of implementation of development, manufacturers of budgetary cars are unable to use them without raising the price of cars themselves. But with time everything changes, and available only to the elite will be available to ordinary cars from lower price groups.

No one will argue with the fact that good insulation is important in the car, regardless of its class, body type or other distinguishing features. But if the automaker didn’t care enough to make a quality cover at the factory, there is always the opportunity to remedy the situation on their own. For these purposes, developed a number of noise insulation materials. Many have successfully used them on their own or seek help in specialized service centers.

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