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Cars with diesel engines are popular. They are attracted by its efficiency, tegometall and performance.

To clean the injectors of the engine

The reliability of the engine, low fuel consumption and simultaneous high power allow you to fully enjoy the possibilities of similar powertrains. But besides the obvious advantages, have diesel and some disadvantages.

In such engines, the supply of fuel for subsequent combustion is carried out through a nozzle. Largely thanks to them, the diesel engine can show such results effective and economical fuel consumption. If properly maintain the engine, it will last a very long time, not causing any problems and necessary repair works.

With the appropriate approach, the injector will operate consistently and effectively. But this is not always possible. The quality of diesel fuel is poor. Because of various impurities and contaminants of the nozzle, i.e. the nozzles gradually become clogged. Contamination of fuel system leads to disruption of the motor.

To fix this, the injectors need to be cleaned periodically to maintain them in optimal working condition. There are several ways, including a special tool designed for cleaning nozzles in the composition of diesel.

Why clean the fuel system

So the engine worked efficiently and effectively, you need to ensure maximum flow of clean fuel into the combustion chamber. If you pour only high quality fuel without additives, no complaints about the operation of the internal combustion engine will not occur even after a few years of active service.

But the situation is that gas stations offer the fuel not the best quality. The fuel contains a large amount of contaminants, impurities and sediment that remain in the fuel system and clog it, including the sprayers.

Often the wine in the pollution lies squarely on the driver who is trying to save money on fuel, visits a questionable gas station, and carries out no maintenance to prevent clogging of the nozzles.

Contamination contained in the fuel, first get together with the liquid in the fuel tank. The pump starts to gradually move them to the injectors. Moreover, these diffusers are configured in such a way that most precisely spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. It is here are the main trouble, which eventually manifest in the form of reducing the efficiency of the motor, deterioration in efficiency and drop power. The finest holes of the injectors are clogged with debris, and therefore are simply not able to perform their functions according to the specified parameters.

That is, the fuel ceases to be supplied evenly and in certain portions. Because of this, one cylinder receives the right amount of fuel and the other might have almost nothing to get. As a result, a serious imbalance in the engine. The driver can see it on the drop power, increase noise and increase of volume of consumed fuel.

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In addition to clogged nozzles, which some drivers in a hurry nothing to do, quite rare owners of diesel cars to change the fuel filter.

To prevent the similar scenario, it is required to maintain the normal operability of the nozzles of diesel fuel. And clean the nozzle several ways, one of which is the use of special tools. And then there is actual choice. It is important to choose a cleaner designed not just for diesel injectors, but also characterized by a high degree of efficiency. After all, the market is also suggested as a cleaning agent of dubious quality.

Cleaner Diesel Zusatz

Professional cleaning methods

Before we talk about what kind of injector cleaner for diesel is better, you need to address the subject of professional service.

Trouble finding service stations that are engaged in diesel power plants, currently no. But here it is necessary to consider what method of recovery capacity injectors is better to give preference.

Professional cleaning involves the use of special equipment. Appropriate machines are divided into 2 main categories, depending on the method of exposure.

  • The ultrasonic equipment. Often on the question of the better atomizers the highly contaminated diesel, experts say that the preference should be given to ultrasonic stand. For crushing impurities then apply ultrasonic waves. When the event first nozzle is removed and then placed into the solution on a special stand. Due to the solution takes place best propagation of ultrasound, and the cleaning efficiency is improved. Gradually, the resulting vibration leads to the fact that the deposits flake and end up in the liquid. The liquid contributes to the complete decomposition of garbage. This procedure is advised to conduct at least every 3 years.
  • Stand for washing. There are also professional wash stands, analogous to ultrasonic treatment. The advantage of this method is that nozzles do not have to be dismantled. The cleaning is carried out quickly and efficiently. Some machines have a special device, connect it to the injector, and starts supply of the cleaning liquid. Next you need to start the motor and cause the cleaner to circulate through the system. It promotes the decomposition and removal of all deposits. In such a procedure takes up to 30 minutes.

On the effectiveness of ultrasound is superior to bench cleaning diesel injectors. But also the service ultraframe more expensive.

The use of a particular professional method directly depends on the degree of contamination and how difficult was fat.

In theory, you can try to clean the nozzles of diesel fuel with his own hands. But this is a potential risk because it is likely to damage the device that will make in the end to buy new parts. But this is not the cheapest accesories for any car.

Self cleaning

When the car owner notices that diesel engine is starting to show typical signs of contamination of the nozzles, immediately the question arises about the correct future action.

Not all and not always want to turn to professionals and pay a lot of money for a car service. They are trying to find alternative and more affordable option.

If we talk about the independent decision of the question, there is only one way. It involves the use of special chemicals or simply additives. They poured into the fuel tank and the machine can continue to operate normally.

The flushing fluid mixed with the fuel, and therefore by operation of the pump go to the injectors, where it is sprayed inside the combustion chamber. Themselves chemical substances with cleaning properties burn and go along with the exhaust, but first time to break through the clogged openings of the nozzles.

Hi-Gear Jet Cleaner

Motorists are naturally interested in what would be better to wash your diesel injectors and what tools to prefer. There are the obvious favorites will be tested and well-proven fluid produced by the leading manufacturers.

But the owners have to consider one very important and key feature. Choosing a liquid for washing of injector in a diesel engine, take into account their current level of pollution. Additives cannot be taken as a panacea for all diseases of the injectors. They can cope with the pollution, but only minor. When the engine demonstrates that the nozzles clogged very much, the liquid is unlikely to help. Even the best quality.

The staff of the care centers have noted that high-quality additives really help. But their effectiveness is manifested in the initial stages of contamination. Flush means it is recommended to use to a greater extent as a preventive measures to prevent strong clogging of nozzles. They can maintain sprayers in good working condition, maximally delaying the moment when you need to seek professional cleaning.

The practice clearly shows that the fill good diesel fuel, combined with periodic use of additives gives excellent results. You may never need to conduct ultrasonic or bench flushing device fuel.

It is still important to follow the specific instructions of the manufacturer and not to abuse additives. The more money above the norm you fill, the higher the chance encounter with the opposite effect. Increased concentration of chemicals in the fuel tank sometimes leads to unpredictable consequences.

If dosed quality fill means that you will receive only the benefits, and your diesel engine is not exactly suffer.

The rating of the flushing means

Special liquid for rinsing of contaminated diesel automobile injector is largely a great way without removing the nozzles themselves to restore their capacity, thereby ensuring normal functioning of the power plant.

Thus expect a good performance from a proven diesel additives that have a positive reputation and have earned highest ratings from actual customers.

To consult with the specialists in the service stations on the choice of additives is not always rational. Most of them are interested in that you have abandoned chemistry in favor of their services. So quite often you can hear from them is extremely negative opinions regarding drilling fluids. But if to speak about a really cheap and low-quality purifiers of questionable origin, then they are really better not to use. Some of them will be the usual dummy, but does not affect the operating characteristics of the motor. Others cause more harm than provide any benefit.

Not to be mistaken with a choice, look for a liquid for washing of injector in diesel engine, has earned high marks from experts and ordinary motorists. Exactly such preparations were in the final ranking.

Hi-Gear Diesel Tune

  • Diesel Tune production company Hi-Gear. One of the most popular and reputable manufacturers of chemicals. The company offers an extensive list of own development for cleaning injectors, which are also included in the ranking. This tool should be used for the prevention and treatment from light pollution. The fill is recommended to be done every 5,000 kilometers, but not often. One tank with a volume of 473 milliliters is designed for tank 80-100 liters.
  • Jet Cleaner. Again the company Hi-Gear with its own diesel cleaner for the injectors. The additive has a number of positive reviews, its effectiveness has been proven in the framework of the special tests. These cleaners pour a little more often. According to the instructions, adding the drug to the fuel tank should be every 3 thousand miles. Jet Cleaner is available from 4 packages with a volume of 150, 295, and 325 milliliters, and the largest capacity to 3.78 liters. The smallest vial is intended for single-fill the tank with a volume of 40-60 litres. The tool is great for cars and trucks.
  • Edial. Well-proven product in the form of active flushing for diesel fuel systems. The manufacturer recommends the use of the drug immediately before filling. When the tank will remain a relatively small amount of diesel, at first filled with the additive, and then the driver inserts the gun gas hose at the gas station. To flush the injectors on 50 liters of fuel you want to add a total of 50 milliliters of the cleaner. Some motorists argue that the Edial to cope even with the old dirt, spending on cleaning a minimum of time. With the purpose of prophylaxis it is recommended to fill once a year.
  • Jet Cleaner with SMT2. Drug includes synthetic metal conditioner. A popular design from Hi Gear, is made in a convenient package with dispenser. Such additive should be poured as a preventive measure every 1500 kilometers in small portions. A specific amount of filling depends on the size of the fuel tank.
  • Nekker. A popular cleaner designed to handle diesel fuel injectors. Additive is in high demand due to the good value of price and quality. Has a decent efficiency cleaning nozzles. The drug is sold in bottles of 250 milliliters. You need to fill the full volume of the tank is 50-60 gallons. As claimed by the manufacturers and confirmed by some motorists, after using reduced opacity and decreases the fuel consumption. If the car drove more than 100 thousand kilometers, then the recommended frequency of fill Nekker is once a year.
  • Jet Cleaner Emission Improver. Injector cleaner for diesel vehicles, which additionally performs the functions of the Converter. Again, development from a leading manufacturer in the face of Hi-Gear. For prophylactic purposes, filled a third of the capacity volume of 950 milliliters of 90-litre fuel tank every 3 thousand kilometers. If you want an intense treatment, then the dosage is increased 3 times, and 300-350 ml. of the additive is added to 45 liters of fuel.
  • Diesel Plus with ER. Cleaner fuel dispensers for diesel cars ER. Recommended frequency of use is every 3 thousand kilometers. Important to fill in situations when poured is not particularly high quality fuel. The composition contains the so-called winner of friction. Available in containers at 237 and 474 milliliters. Small packaging allows you to do 16 treatments for the tank is 40 liters.
  • Diesel System Purge produced by Wynns. Sufficient quality and effective flushing means for diesel injection systems from Belgium. Sold in containers with a capacity of 1 liter. Washes and cleans the fuel system, breaks through the clogged openings of the nozzles. If you rely on feedback from the drivers themselves, this product is indispensable for diesel engines manufactured before 2002. Wynns that is well proven as a preventative cleanser for older diesels. But regarding the use of additives in new cars there are a lot of disputes. But most are inclined to think that the diesel issue after 2015 Wynns is better not to fill. You should wait until the mileage will exceed the mark of 150 thousand kilometers.
  • Lavr. Tool though and ended up in current rating, but with a certain reserve and to a greater extent due to General impressions about the quality of the entire product line. In relation to the specific diesel injector cleaner is not so clear. Consumers and experts often compare the development of the Lavr diesel additive for injectors from Wynns. Moreover, the preference for more recent. Lavr also copes with the treatment and prevention on old diesels and cars with high mileage. But the price is too high when compared with similar performance means Wynns.
  • Carbon Clean. A worthy contender, for well-deserved reasons, caught in the final preferred list of drilling tools for diesel engines. Consumers call it the Golden mean between the means from Wynns and Liqui Moly. Reasonable price and good performance indicators do their job.
  • Diesel Zusatz. One of the best diesel injector cleaners available on the market. In the role of manufacturer is the German company Liqui Moly. Fluid proven to be an effective cleaner of nozzles used in diesel power plants. The manufacturer recommends 10 liters of fuel to fill the tank in 25 milliliters of media. In addition to the cleaning function of the nozzles, the substance additionally protects the internal elements of the fuel system from corrosion processes.

What tool to prefer, finally will solve directly the car owner himself.

But do not take chemicals as a panacea and cure for all problems. If the nozzle is very dirty, dirt has managed to firmly seal the channels, even the high-performance additive in the fuel will not correct the situation. The most appropriate solution in this situation is to contact the service center for professional recovery bandwidth of nozzles, after which it purely to prevent the recurrence of such a situation to use cleaning solution.

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