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The best manufacturers of silent blocks in 2019

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In vehicle security is of importance to every detail. One of these – silent, or quiet unit. In focus – review of the best producers of these items.

Polyurethane bushings

The basics of the concept

First, let’s talk about the concept of silent block. It is a small detail with two bushings and a rubber gasket between them. Location – on the suspension. The main purpose – oscillation at interaction of bonded structural elements. Under the action of permanent loads this node is gradually destroyed and need replacement.

Manufacturers specify the resource one product is 100 thousand kilometers, but in our country it is reduced by half. The main signs of failure of a node is the deterioration of the driveability of the vehicle and increased vibration. Reaction to the steering wheel is inhibited or absent. In this case it is better not to delay treatment to the car wash.

Rating best

After the theoretical part we turn to practical on choosing the best manufacturer. For convenience we have divided the brands on the continent of registry, and also made a separate group for the domestic automotive industry.


Buying products of this brand, the quality of the product is not in doubt. The motto of the company – only its own development. Management of reputational risks brand puts above all else and does not allow to pack in a branded box all bullshit. His silent blocks compatible with many car brands, including domestic models. However, to expect a significant improvement of the performance is impossible.


The German automaker offers affordable, bushings of natural rubber with frost-resistant additives. The philosophy of the brand provides the optimal ratio of price and quality. The Germans recommend to use only original spare parts. Basically brand parts are mounted on the South Korean and Asian cars. The average survival rate of 50 thousand kilometers. The front figure is a more modest 30 thousand kilometers.



Another German representative in the ranking. The company name is an abbreviation of the name and surname of its founder – Federica Bilstein. The trump brand is its integrated business strategy. For decades, the company supplies spare parts in 130 countries. Silent blocks sent to cargo conveyors, Mercedes and DAF. Products meet the stringent international standards. Products have received high praise from the national experts and an affordable price. Upset that brand products actively forge.


The main groups of sales – Korean and Japanese plants. The main feature of the products of Asian manufacturers is an advantage – a forgery practically impossible.

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This Japanese brand highlights an extensive network of own factories. The geography of production covers 80 countries. The product portfolio includes high quality bushings in all suspension systems. They are installed initially on the car Nissan, Toyota, speaks about the reliability and prestige of suspension bushes. The share of marriage does not exceed half a percent. And the mileage on one silentbloc up to 75 thousand kilometers. For complete confidence in the quality, pay attention to every detail.

Sphere of activity – the secondary market. The sector serves Malaysian and Chinese automotive industry. The catalogue consists of 1500 types of high quality parts. The whole process is controlled by the Japanese experts quality. The motto of the brand can be called “High technology at affordable prices”.


Difficult to outdo the professionals of the car market. A great base for training and quality control puts the brand on par with European competitors. Not asleep, and lovers of fraud. Connoisseurs of high quality products you need to keep your eyes open and to check everything carefully. But the original part will serve as a faith and truth almost all mercurially interval.

Patriotic model

The following manufacturers are suitable for domestic cars. The patriots can be assured of high quality resource these items takes into account the realities of our roads. 90% of the parts are manufactured at our country.

The average rating of the brand of 4.2 points. Brand bushings meet in the TM cars UAZ, VAZ, GAZ. Some items are for export, mainly in the Belarusian trucks. St. Petersburg’s engineers can also perform catalog products tailor-made for limited-edition cars. And high quality raw materials ensures survival on the roads at the level of expensive foreign counterparts.

A survey of owners of cars of the Tolyatti showed the randomness of the names. Drivers noted the ease of vehicle control, increasing rigidity of the rear suspension. Installing silent blocks “fulcrum” in the front arms have improved the sensitivity of the steering wheel. Bushings are long life.

Silent blocks fulcrum

The popularity of the brand becomes an occasion for fraud. Under the name fulcrum flog restored or cheap bushings. The result is obvious – the negative reviews and early repair of the car.

No rubber, only the highest quality polyurethane. Silentblock of this brand is not afraid of moisture and atmospheric changes. For a higher tenure of their manufacturers appreciate not only our country but also abroad. Suspension works more tightly, but the sound of creaking can irritate the driver and passengers.


Each of these brands is commendable. But more reliable would be a careful reading of the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer and your own careful choice. Better to overpay than to underpay. Victims of benefits.

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