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How to choose between cast and forged wheels for cars

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Before every car owner sooner or later face the problem of choosing disks. The range of these products is huge and often drivers choose drives based on external characteristics, and are focused on their cost. This approach is wrong and in the future have to pay for such shortsightedness.

Among motor drives there are two main types: forged and cast. We have to understand their characteristics, highlight the advantages of each variety, to learn the disadvantages and make a comparative analysis. The battle starts, or forged alloy wheels — which will be on top?

Technology of production of alloy wheels

Already from the name it becomes clear that these elements are produced by casting. Commonly used aluminum or magnesium alloys. The essence of the production process is as follows:

  • the metal alloy is poured into special molds and allowed to harden;
  • after curing, the disk is processed mechanically, which allows to get rid of sagging, unevenness and other defects;
  • then follows a heat treatment, in which the item is quenched and becomes more durable;
  • to neutralize internal stresses is carried out artificial aging of the metal, which removes the fragility of the material;
  • it remains only to paint the disk.

It is also necessary to study the positive and negative aspects of these accesories for the car. The benefits include the following:

  • affordable cost;
  • excellent appearance and a huge variety of design.
  • large assortment of fasteners.

Disadvantages more:

  • low strength, which is manifested in the strikes and assaults on the irregularities of the roadway at high speed;
  • low resistance to high loads;
  • more expensive on the tire;
  • painting and polishing can rapidly deteriorate in use.

The process of manufacturing alloy wheels

Main stages of production of forged wheels

The difference between the production of cast and forged rims is significant. The process of creating forged items it is difficult to call forging. It would be correct to call it a hot forging.

The basis is taken as the alloy of aluminium or magnesium. The material is handled under high pressure effect of high temperature. This treatment can squeeze out of the material the maximum amount of air. Consequently, the finished item is more durable and resistant to mechanical stress. Production steps are as follows:

  • the molten material is poured into a long, hollow shapes like cylinders;
  • after cooling of the metal in this form it is sawn into small pieces;
  • each part is heated and sent under a press, which gives the metal a fine grain, fibration and removes from it the void;
  • the billet is reheated and sent to the press with a different die, the result is a item similar to the pot;
  • from billets extruded disc with sides and furrows, but no slots;
  • hardening is carried out in three stages (heating to 500 degrees and the sudden cooling down), it adds product durability and increase the rate of malosernistoj;
  • artificial aging eliminates internal mechanical stress;
  • machining involves the cutting out of holes and bringing the product to the final appearance.

If the production process is clear, then you can consider the positive and negative aspects of these drives.

Forged wheels for car

The advantages are as follows:

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  • high quality, which is confirmed by a large number of inspections;
  • strength that its performance has no equal;
  • high-speed characteristics make unnecessary the holding of balancing;
  • a small weight, which has important effect on some of the characteristics of the vehicle;
  • reduction of fuel consumption of a vehicle;
  • external beauty and high aesthetic characteristics;
  • durability is ensured by resistance to processes of decay and corrosion;
  • reducing the load on the vehicle suspension system.

We managed to find only two negative points;

  • very high cost, which is about twice the price of alloy wheels;
  • due to the high stiffness in the event of blow to all of the mechanical effect accounts for suspension and tire.

The main differences between forging from casting

Let the outward similarity of such different discs fool you. In fact, the difference between forged and cast rims is significant. After studying our comparative analysis, you will quickly understand why the premium level cars is forging, will be able to determine by external characteristics forged disc and cast, and will no longer suffer the problem of choice.

There are many differences, you need to examine each of them:

  1. Both are used formulations based on aluminum or magnesium. Each manufacturer keeps its recipe a great secret, but they are all similar to each other, at least the basis.
  2. The weight of the consumables that are created in various ways, not much different. Alloy wheels are heavier, but not much. This difference is due to the manufacturing process. Because the weight different types of rims differs insignificantly, this figure can not focus.
  3. The shape and configuration also is not a fundamental difference. Through the development of new methods of metal processing manufacturers can bring different ideas and create original models with complicated patterns.
  4. The method of applying labels to the wheels differs drastically. On the cast models are convex inscriptions. Forging is different engraving and stamps.
  5. Alloy wheels often have uneven edges that can be viewed with a careful and thorough study. In forging this can not be, because all parameters of these models reach the ideal.
  6. The high cost of forged wheels is due to the complex production process, the necessity of using special, expensive equipment. The metal in this case is processed by sophisticated technology, which requires high labor costs.

On the basis of this information it is already possible to be guided in the assortment of wheels. Not difficult to distinguish between forged wheels from cast and to identify a fake.

What are alloy wheels should you choose

There’s a lot we now know about disks that are manufactured in different ways. It remains to deal with the main question — what drives are the best: cast or forged? The unequivocal answer to give, no one can, because there are different factors and conditions:

  1. Due to the lower strength of the alloy elements in the event of an impact can crack. Over time it will increase due to loads, vibrations and shocks. Traffic safety in this case will be reduced. To remove this defect you will have to buy new wheels.
  2. Forged parts are much stronger deformations can occur in the form of chips and dents. Such disadvantages can be eliminated by rolling the disk on the machine. With small defects, the operating characteristics recover almost completely.
  3. Defects in forged discs need to be eliminated without delay, otherwise you will suffer balancing, reduced handling, and the tires will wear much faster.
  4. Alloy wheels intended for driving on good roads. Off-road conditions have a negative impact on their life. Bad road requires the installation of forged items.
  5. On the forged disks cannot be accessed in large pits, as in the first place will suffer the suspension, which will require costly repairs.

Despite all the shortcomings of the disc created by the technique of casting, they are still more popular. The reason lies in the price, because the forged model is worth a lot more. It would not like to install on your car durable and reliable consumables, but to give a round sum for such a purchase not everyone is ready.

Each driver must decide for himself what is best for him: cast or forged wheels. To make the right decision, you will need to study in detail the features of each variety of this important consumable for cars and to compare them with the operating conditions of the vehicle.

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