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Rating of the cheapest electric cars

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Given the persistent upward trend in oil prices, it is not surprising that the demand for electric cars is also gradually increasing. In our country, this category of transport is still wary, but there is no doubt that every year the number of them on the roads will increase.

Electric Bajoon E100

Prospects of development of the market of personal electric vehicle

One of the main factors why Chinese cars and products in other countries is not superseded until now gasoline and diesel predecessors, is their high cost. Add to this the lack of available repair and the number of specialists who have a thorough knowledge electric motor. And finally, the power reserve and small at the moment, the number of gas terminals inhibit the onset of the boom in electric cars.

Renault ZOE

The following rating will help potential buyers to choose the cheapest electric car in Russia, and other appropriate characteristics. However, apart from cost, in its preparation was also taken into account such criteria as the factor of length of stroke and speed of the battery. The other parameters received secondary importance.

TOP 10 most interesting and cheap car to electric ones

BAIC EC-Series

So, let’s see which models have become one of the best in 2019-th, and also what characteristics they have, and how much you can become their owner:

  1. BAIC EC-Series. Produced in China and today is among the best selling and inexpensive electric vehicles. The vast majority of cars of this model sold by Chinese citizens. Cheap hatchback is a stylish and modern design, and also has most of the features fitted to the cars of recent years with internal combustion engines. ON a single charge this car can travel up to 200 km., which is enough for 1 day of commuting, and back. The capacity of this machine is 4. For befitting in appearance and “stuffing” urban environmentally friendly vehicle will have to pay about 22 thousand dollars. Last year it sold about 80 thousand of such machines.
  2. Not surprisingly, the most inexpensive electric cars are Chinese. Continues the rating of the representative under the name of JMC E200. Machine price is around 20 thousand dollars, but not including transporting her to another country and customs clearance in accordance with local tariffs. On a fully charged battery can travel up to 150 km Figure is, of course, not the best, but planned for a gradual reduction in the cost of batteries while increasing their capacity. A significant number of consumers will be satisfied with the ratio of the number of consumer characteristics and the cost of this electric vehicle.
  3. The Smart ForTwo is the representative of the German automotive industry, working on an electric motor. The price of this machine is around 23-24, 000 dollars, but this amount includes small even by modern standards, dimensions and the battery is 17.6 kWh, which has a range of 150 km and with a capacity of 81 HP Car stands out for its futuristic design, rounded shapes, comfortable fit. Good decision for the modern young family of 2 people.
  4. Zhidou D2 EV. It’s not a hybrid, but a full electrocircuit, moreover, in a compact size. Small size does not imply transportation of comfortably more than 2 people in the cabin. The battery is only rated for 12 kW/hour of power. Stock shopping for a fully charged battery is small and is approximately 120 kilometers. But this “kid” has a loyal cost — it is about 19 thousand dollars.
  5. BAIC Arcfox Lite. The body of this machine resembles a cropped hatchback, but it is more correct to classify it as a coupe. The manufacturer used to manufacture super lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, which the weight of vehicles has decreased to 900 kg. Technical specifications are quite modest, take into account the 50-strong unit with a power reserve of 170 km. But in this electric car has good electronics, 3 display. At a price of 14 500 $ in the Chinese market it has all chances to become a popular in the circle of local youth.
  6. Bajoon E100. This car continues to be one of the most promising in its segment in the coming years. Your success best electric cars such as this model must, first and foremost, affordability. In the Chinese market that can be purchased for 6-7 thousand dollars, but this cost will continue only for citizens of China, given the government subsidies on electric vehicles. A small jet-propelled body with a capacity of just 29 kW/h is capable of delivering a torque of 110 n-m. in the range of 155 km. to charge this power unit can be for 7.5 hours. The maximum speed is small — only 100 km/hour, but a fairly compact dimensions allow it to easily maneuver in the conditions of the congested streets of megapolisov. Impressive set of options, without which it is difficult to manage the modern motorist is electric steering, electronic brake force distribution, electronic Parking brake, anti-lock braking system, sensors and so on.
  7. The Volkswagen E-Golf. Still, a handful of local motorists aware of what this popular model is available in electric versions. Moreover, this is not the Chinese auto industry, and the brainchild of renowned German company. One of those who belong to the category “best electric vehicle”, in addition, also quality of the Assembly. Electrically power unit capable of delivering power up to 170 HP and a battery capacity is 3 times higher than that of the Chinese Zhidou. A fully charged 6 hours battery shows great range — up to 300 km continuous run! The maximum speed that can develop this Golf course is 135 km/h. At a cost of above $ 20,000 it could be a lot of buyers, however, while you can find only in the so-called “grey” dealers.
  8. The Renault ZOE is another bright representative of the European automotive industry, this time French. The motor is a 92 horsepower, at that time, as the capacity of the battery cell ranges from 22 to 41 kW/hour. The power reserve can reach 24 or 400 km, depending on the chosen modification. Fully battery charging from 8 to 15 hours. This dodgem demonstrates the dynamics in the form of 13 seconds of acceleration to “hundreds” and a top speed of 135 km/h. At a cost of 20 to 25 thousand dollars is a great solution for those who are impressed by environmentally friendly form of transport.
  9. Hyundai Ioniq Electric. Despite the fact that it is not the cheapest electric car in the world, but it is positioned as a family and environmentally safe for the environment. In your electrical equipment it costs about $ 30,000, and the battery capacity is 28 kW/h. Each of these vehicles are ideal for transporting 4-5 people, and with a roomy trunk, you can safely go to distant travel with the whole family. Thus, the rate range when a charged battery is more than 200 kilometers. The machine is a catchy ultra-modern design and is necessary for comfortable movement range of options.
  10. Nissan Leaf. How much is this legendary electric car? His price is much higher than the above, representatives of this segment of vehicles — for the purchase will have to pay about 35-36 thousand American dollars. But this is not surprising, because in return the consumer receives a 147-horsepower engine with a battery capacity of 40 kWh. Full charging time is 7 hours, but the machine demonstrates excellent range — up to 250 km away. Add to this a spacious Luggage compartment with a volume of 668 liters and get the best assistant for everyday travel around the city and outside it, besides, it is absolutely economical and environmentally safe.

Zhidou D2 EV

Lovers electric individual urban transport will have to pay an average of $ 20,000 and above, given the cost of customs clearance and import duties. To buy quite inexpensive while electric cars will not work. However, even today, they are a great alternative to the existing transport with internal combustion engines. Electric car there is no need to fill with expensive oil. In the future for the next year, we can expect growth in the number of gas terminals, as well as a gradual decline in the price of electric vehicles due to the increase in production volumes and the growing competition of brands.

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