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Personal impressions of the DVR Transcend DrivePro 550

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First learned of the video recorder Transcend, you may think — wow, unexpected. It turns out that they do not only a USB flash drive and memory cards. In the case of their products sold without doubts and hesitation. This brand has proven itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality products in the world of storage devices. Below you can read an overview of the DVR Transcend DrivePro 550.

Transcend DrivePro 550 is not quite a conventional car recorder. Here you are immediately struck by the presence of a second camera. The rotating mechanism of the secondary camera enables you to determine the direction of the shoot. According to the logic here, you can select two main directions and the third duplicating the main camera. Put double of the second chamber, the first makes no sense, because the camera has more qualitative characteristics compared to rotary. The main camera shoots in 1920×1080 resolution, has a viewing angle of 160° and is equipped with a matrix of Sony, supporting the same at 1280×720 with a viewing angle of 110°. It is logical to assume that the PTZ camera is intended for other situations or events.

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Using a camera rotation to the left, you can set it on the shooting events to the left of the machine. Also, this provision will, for example, traffic police officers, when stopping your car. If the vehicle is used in taxi, public transport, service delivery, the DVR is designed to control drivers. In this case, the camera position will be set back into the salon.

It should be clarified that the PTZ camera has 4 infrared sensor lets you capture events even in complete darkness. They turn on and off automatically and during operation lit in red.

Specifications of Transcend DrivePro 550

Package includes the Registrar, mount-suction Cup, memory card Class 10 32 GB, car adapter with cable length of 4 meters, several booklets of instructions.

Suction Cup holder of the Registrar has a diameter of just 45 mm, and an interesting clamping mechanism. It turns out that here it is possible also to come up with something new. Screw fixing clamping mechanism allows to set the logger in the desired position.

The length of the adapter allows you to covert the wiring from the vehicle to the micro-USB connector device. But not everyone will do it. And then this is a great length to be the opposite excessive. Why all manufacturers make power connector so that the wire hanging in an uncomfortable position? It would be better if the wire came out of the Registrar and descended straight down. And here it turns out that it goes up and then hangs as it falls down.

The Registrar has a plastic case, and very tightly knit. Any backlash and squeaks were noted.

The recorder has 4 mechanical buttons that “look” on the driver. Display 2.4” is located above the control buttons, which is logical and convenient. Button emergency recording events somewhat hidden. It is located downstairs and has a red color.

Videos you can get from the Registrar, without removing neither the device nor memory card. This can be done using Wi-Fi channel, which generates the Transcend DrivePro 550 with the range of 100 meters. Wi-Fi is also possible to change the settings of the recorder.

To work with records in the software DrivePro Toolbox from the manufacturer or their mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Built-in battery allows you to remove environment for another 15 minutes. The DVR has a function of responding to the movement, as if the mode of the alarm. But there will need external power. The software allows you to monitor the situation on the road. Alert you to exit the lane, approaching the moving vehicle ahead.

At DrivePro 550 has a built-in GPS receiver and Glonass. Than to use, you can choose.

Review and unboxing video with the camera last night and this morning


You need a regular driver from the Registrar? To fulfill its functions without attention. To on itself, taking notes of what is happening, if there was an emergency, then he would have registered it in the non-rewritable region of the memory card so when you are finished using the machine was switched off he would, was reliable and simple. All present in the Transcend DrivePro 550. It is lightweight, easy to operate, requires no care, memory card to get no need, given and forgotten. Considering the second chamber, the Registrar will be very useful for use in taxis, shuttles, delivery services, buses.

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