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Top 5 most anticipated automotive innovations in 2018

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Since last year, many automakers began to stir interest in their upcoming novelties. Someone just publish intriguing photos. Others held entire presentations of their models. Although most companies strives to minimize the leakage of information about new cars before the official presentation, currently it is almost impossible to do. There are cars that are waiting for more than others. And interesting the fact that here we are not talking about very expensive cars, sports cars and other cars that are affordable to only the most affluent people. Experts have analyzed the market, conducted a survey and came to the conclusion on what machines are the most anticipated in 2018. In our short the top 5 cars. And 2 of them belong to the same automaker.

The rating of the most anticipated cars of 2018.

Representatives of the rating

The number of brands is growing rapidly. However, not all are willing to actively fight for the leadership and the demand from buyers. This rating largely shows what motorists expect and what they are guided. And they want fresh design, decent specifications and reasonable prices. Almost all the cars included in this top 5, are consistent with the specified requirements. The leaders among the manufacturers of the most anticipated cars of steel:

  • KIA;
  • Peugeot;
  • Toyota;
  • Renault.

These brands are well-known in Russia, and many models are in high demand. Given the popularity of brands and the prices at which are sold the most in-demand models, this top 5 is more than expected. Now, for each of the top 5 go through separately. Should know what car causes the most interest and what to expect from these automakers in 2018.


A well-deserved fifth place in the ranking took the low crossover of the French company Renault. Many have begun to worry that Duster from cheap budget anything after the update will not appear. But the experiences were in vain. Increased interest in the crossover from France due to the noticeably improved appearance, as well as improved interior space. Plus, the automaker had previously stated that the Duster will be a little longer than the predecessor.

Under the hood is hiding an economical, but quite spirited turbocharged diesel engine capacity of 1.5 liters. The buyer will offer versions with 90 and 110 horsepower. Add to it the ordinary engine of 2.0 liters and 145 horsepower. It is assumed that the base version of the updated crossover will cost 680 – 700 thousand rubles. Over the top equipment will have to pay about 1 million.

Officially, the new Duster have started to sell since last September, immediately after the motor show in Frankfurt, where he held the presentation. And in Russia, the car is in the stages of certification and training. Since the model will be assembled in Russia, you want to make some changes in the Assembly line. It will take some time. Although Duster good show in difficult conditions for the Russian market will be a special refinement to adapt.


Fourth place in the ranking of the most anticipated cars of 2018 was taken by another representative of the French automobile industry. But this time we are talking about the Peugeot. Updated the liftback has an impressive ambition. The car became somewhat less, and the appearance was even brighter than its predecessor. The company representatives claim that their new product will be a worthy competitor to Audi A4 and Passat from Volkswagen. Quite strong statements, but to deny the fact really well done by the French is nothing. The first new product revealed at the end of February 2018, although the official presentation was scheduled for March. The sale of the car must be received no earlier than October, but the starting price is expected to reach 32 thousand euros. We can say that cost is really a competitor to the Passat and A4.

It is necessary to note that 508 is not aimed at the Russian market. There is a high probability of absence of an updated car in Russia. This is largely due to extremely low demand for its predecessor. Over the past year sold a total of 9 cars the first generation 508. But if the car is as interesting inside as it was outside, many Russians will want to buy yourself a car. The basis for the creation of the second generation from Peugeot 508 was previously presented concept called Instinct.

Considering the external features, dimensions, and explicit relation to European D-class is a worthy competitor for Arteon company Volkswagen. What to expect from this new, hard to say. The car looks amazing, what can’t be denied. Plus the car is equipped with ultra-modern facilities, quite an extensive range of engines with power ranging from 130 to 225 horsepower. Doubt is only a highly inflated price, which is unlikely to allow 508 to compete with those cars, whose position a new pretend.


The three leaders of the top 5 most anticipated cars of this year opened by the representative of the Korean car company KIA Ceed model’s face. This machine is very popular all over the world, including Russia. Because there were rumors about a new version of the model aroused great interest. And the first official information was given clearly to understand that the new Ceed is really really looking forward to. The car will get a rich equipment, an expanded line of power plants, changed but still the same brand appearance, but also more comfortable cabin. The plant Avtotor, located in Kaliningrad, will be releasing new product for the Russian market and not only.

The car was officially presented in mid-February of 2018, and a world premiere in the Geneva motor show. Korean new European C-class will go on sale in Russia this fall. It is expected that for the basic specification with engine capacity of 100 horsepower will have to pay a little more than 15 thousand euros. Worldwide interest in the new Ceed clearly explained figures. During the period from 2006 to 2018, the first two generation model sold a total circulation of almost 1.3 million cars. Only in 2018 the company is expected to sell about 500 thousand cars within Europe. But if to talk about total sales, not specifically model Ceed.

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In the ranking was a place for comparative expensive model. A real bestseller in the performance of the company Toyota continues its way on the world stage. Model and never complained about low demand. But the last 2 generations of Camry have become a real breakthrough for the Japanese automaker. After the updates it became clear that the Camry does not correspond to the usual traditions. But it is only good for the car. Before us is an incredibly comfortable sedan, which used a new platform called the TNGA. New solutions allowed to create a brighter car. It is expected that the car will add to the stiffness.

This is already the 8th generation of the popular sedan from Toyota. World premiere in Detroit at the international motor show. New generation sold in North America since the summer of 2017. But the starting price was only 25 thousand dollars. In Russia the novelty is promised to sell from the end of 2017. But the plans gradually changed, the premiere was postponed. This situation only fuels the interest to the sedan from Japan.

Although many people can not wait to be driving a Camry and feel with their own hands and feet, what has changed in one of the most popular cars in the world. According to preliminary information, the Camry is available in 10 different trim levels with different engines. As for the cost, the major changes in this regard are not expected. The current version is 1.4 million rubles for the basic package. It is not excluded that the same number will be a new generation of Japanese sedan.


But even the Camry failed to create such an intrigue around itself, as the development of Korean automaker KIA. It is their model called the Stinger was the most anticipated novelty of the year. And there are reasons. Already in appearance, we can say that this is one of the best decisions that took the company KIA. The new machine looks amazing. It is a car with rear and all-wheel drive, which has sporty looks and the same technical specifications. While Stinger can not be called a supercar, created exclusively for tracks and trails. This is a car for city and everyday use, because it has four doors, full trunk, high enough ground clearance and adequate performance on fuel consumption.

It is expected that Korean novelty will make a competition for the most recognized world leaders in the face of the BMW 4 Grand Coupe and the Audi A5 Sportback. Considering the fact that under the hood of the Stinger motors 220 (diesel version) and 255 horsepower (gasoline engine), competitors have something to think about. Officially launched in the USA in January of last year. Sales have already begun in South Korea, where the car is called the K8. Start implementation in the USA took place in mid-summer. The approximate price of 36 thousand dollars for the basic version. Stinger is simply obliged to appear on the Russian market. Initially, the official representatives talked about the fact that until mid-2018 to wait for a novelty in Russia is not necessary. But the price was called earlier. The approximate cost of the car is 2.2 million rubles.

This car is really hard to describe. She is bright, dynamic, aggressive, but at the same time practical and versatile. These cars are loved and valued worldwide as it is quite adequate for the money you can get literally everything you expect from a modern car. Hence the well-deserved leadership in the top 5 most anticipated cars.

No cancels premiere and other machines that will soon officially present at exhibitions, or to begin selling through car dealers. Regularly debut new cars. But not all of them provoke such an interest.

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