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The inspection on a new car

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Buying a new car is an exciting moment in the life of any budding motorist. But at the same time with feelings of joy and pride comes a sense of responsibility and a lot of questions of a legal nature: how to put the car on the account, where to obtain insurance, how to protect the vehicle from damage and theft, etc. On many of these issues we have already given the answers to our portal Vodi.su in today’s article we will try to figure out whether to pass inspection on a new car.

The timing of inspection for new cars in 2018

Let’s start with the fact that the concept of “new” or “old” car, the law does not. Regardless of the age of the machine it must meet a specific set of technical requirements, compliance with which guarantees safe operation both for the owner and other road users.

As you know, all the units and components included in the system of a motor vehicle, designed for a specific resource. It will be quite proper to assume that recently bought in the cabin of the car is in excellent condition. According to the changes in legislation from 2011, for registration of policy OSAGO or KASKO for a new car to show diagnostic card is not necessary.

Here we come to the conclusion — pass on a new car no need. Considered to be “new” cars purchased in the showroom, from the date of which was not more than three years. This is an important point. To determine the date of passing the first inspection, don’t look at the date of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale, and the date of production, specified in PTS.

However, there are a number of exceptions, when for a new car pass is possible and necessary:

  • the driver’s desire — nobody will prevent the owner to ensure that the car is really in good technical condition;
  • when you travel abroad by car for processing a Green card, which is the European equivalent of our CTP, it is necessary to present to the insurance company diagnostic card to confirm the technical serviceability of the machine;
  • in the event of serious faults, which appeared in the first years of operation of the vehicle is the actual problem for fans of aggressive driving style, or for those who have purchased low cost cars production of the same in China or the domestic automotive industry;
  • when selling — if you bought the car, used their some time and wish to sell, will have to issue a diagnostic chart for all the rules, because the new owner will not be able to put the car on the account.

Recall that we are talking about cars used for personal needs. According to the regulations of the first new cars are three years from the date of issue. Once again focus attention on the important point: with the passage of the inspection do not take into account the date of purchase and the date of issue.

For example, if you in 2017, bought a car, which was released in late 2015, the first inspection should take place in 2020, and in 2018. If you do not adhere to this requirement, in the case of an accident you may be denied compensation or free repair for the reason that the diagnostic card is incorrect or expired.

The frequency of inspection for different vehicle

Buying a car in the showroom for personal use, the driver passes THE first three years after production date. During the first three years of operation for the registration of insurance sufficient to produce PTSD, which is the year. THEN repeat with the following periodicity:

  • at the age of three — every two years;
  • upon reaching seven years in a year.

Since the average period of ownership of the vehicle in developed countries, including in Russia, does not exceed 5-8 years, and scheduled diagnostics take place over the 8 years will have only 4 times.

Diagnostics is carried out according to an ordinary procedure. It is not attended by the inspectors of traffic police. On the official website of the Russian Union of motor Insurers, RAMI), you can find a list of accredited service for your region. Technicians check the condition of various vehicle systems, and then personally signed by the expert and gives you diagnostic card. It with the time required to be present for the registration of insurance or waiver. Upon detection of any critical faults, the card will not be issued until they are resolved.

According to the same scheme and the same frequency are diagnostic of freight cars weighing up to 3.5 tons, motorcycles and other motor transport funds. If we talk about trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons and passenger transport, according to the regulations inspection they are required to undergo every six months, regardless of the age and the date of issue. This measure is justified because the public transportation pulls significantly more mileage than cars purchased by a private individual.

The nuances

If you lose the diagnostic card do not worry because it is issued in three variants: for the owner, tekhekspert and in electronic form for the database EAISTO (unified automated information system of technical inspection). With the help of this database, you can check the validity of the card and fill in the necessary fields:

  • VIN code;
  • registration number;
  • the body number and frame;
  • the serial number of the diagnostic card.

There are often situations when agents of insurance companies when minor accidents require the owner of a new car diagnostic card. They are motivated by the fact that without a map it is impossible to establish whether the damage acquired in this accident or was previously. Such requirements are not legal, and if you are denied benefits, you have every right to file a complaint on the agent’s top-leadership of the UK, or directly to the PCA.