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Japan Just Put an R35 Nissan GT-R Police Car Into Service

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Dubai has a world famous fleet of exotic police cars, but as impressive as a Bugatti Veyron cop car is, we’ve got to be honest – we much prefer this R35 Nissan GT-R that was recently put into service in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture.

A resident of Tochigi donated the Nissan GT-R to his local police force this week. A special delivery ceremony for the vehicle was held today, which was attended by local officials and members of the force. Nissan says the vehicle will actually be used as a patrol car in the region, so any locals looking to replicate that famous scene in Tokyo Drift in which Han’s RX-7 was fast for the cops to bother chasing him should beware.

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The R35 GT-R is the second GT-R police car to be used by Japan’s law enforcement – at least that we are aware of. The well-known R34 police car patrolled Japanese streets for years and as of 2016 was still being used in the country, with a car enthusiast spotting the vehicle traveling down the Kan-Etsu expressway with its lights on.

Could Japan be any cooler?

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