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Philips HTL2100 – trm0001

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A high-excellent Soundbar that, thanks to the current Blocker action (34 euros instead of 68 euros) a lot of bang for the buck. The AB I would like to be better seen.


  • Price quality
  • Improvement against middle-class TV
  • Design
  • Connectivity
  • 2 year Warranty


  • Remote control fragile
  • Length
  • auto off but not auto on

Final conclusion

Score: 4Per criterion

Build quality

Score: 4

To because of the Blocker action (34 euro) this model is again up to date:
Blocker 50% off ON items
Hence, this review.

Used icm:
Philips mid range LCD TV many years old
product review: Philips 37PFL5603D Blue review by trm0001
Humax 5200C
pricewatch: Humax iHDR-5200c

.The Looks:

Sleek and black, it should be in your interior fit……

.The Price:The cheapest Soundbars are around 60 to 70 euros priced. The HTL2100 relates to an older model with an average PW price of 80 euro. The sale price of Blocker is at this moment well below with just 34 euros.

50 percent of 68 euros:

Blocker Raid:

Sidenote to the Blocker offer:
It seems that some of the Items on offer are no longer new, so you need to pay attention at purchase. Also, there are many presentations that are intertwined making it their own staff also not properly know what is valid and what is not. Accessories:

Caution ! So, there are no audio cables, no analog and no digital !

.The Performance:I’m testing it with various sources which will take longer than the audience to make of this review. So look back for more results.

The sound in general:This Thing packs a Punch ! Not to compare with the TV in terms of volume and quality, much deeper and nicer sound.
Bass in music, film, and explosions are much more in the neighborhood of 5.1 hi-fi.
Also, everything is suddenly a whole lot better to understand. Brighter and clearer.

Digital Spdif (optical):
The best results so far are very full and beautiful sound without interfering with the bass or treble. The volume of this source seems to be much greater than analog signals.
Optical from the Humax 5200.

Digital Coax:
Just as tight as via Optical but then from the TV itself, no optical out.

Analog Aux (side):
Less volume than Optical digital, but very pure sound without disturbing resonaties in full where the TV does suffer from it.
The signal below a certain level then the soundbar as external speaker out due to the automatic standby function.

Analog Stereo (behind):
The easiest way to check source in connection with using the TV + Humax set.
Nice and pure sound, just as with the Aux input but without the large volume of the optical digital input. The soundbar is also under a certain level due to the auto stand.

.Design:Imho Chic enough.

The Design is very neat and not distracting when a black tv unit.
The Leds are subtle yellow and not overly present.
Do you want light in the house then fits the black soundbar of course not good.

.Troubles:The remote control in combination with the auto stanby feature gives problems.
The batteries are now at the age of and give to start-up problems in the sense that they do not work anymore. This despite the fact that there is a just piece of plastic in between to drain to prevent. The batteries of the type CR2025. That type is unfortunately more expensive and less common than bv CR2032.

Furthermore, the Soundbar automatically turns off under a certain analog sound level due to the auto standby function. Unfortunately, he does not automatically turn on, which imho makes more sense.

.Information and Hanleidingen Philips:http://www.p4c.philips.co…ls&scy=FR&slg=AEN

To do:
Measure the current consumption with the Brennenstuhl 231 and add it to the review.
Audio from more sources to test and add to the review.
Surround test and add
AB signals to test whether they transfer to the learning of AB + add