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Edifier C3X is a hefty 2.1 set that has a full, powerful yet subtle sound it produces. With a powerful subwoofer, fine connectivity solutions and a single remote control. If you’re looking for a 2.1 with full sound, then you are with the C3X at the right address.


  • Right out of the box a full, powerful yet subtle sound.
  • Powerful subwoofer (no buzz or hum can perceive).
  • The set is constructed from a sturdy MDF construction.
  • Connectivity solutions: MP3 player with USB port and SD card reader. You can the set so anywhere without depending on a computer.
  • Manually change settings on the amplifier or on the remote control.
  • This 2.1 set is performing and promises quality for the price.


  • Takes a lot of space on your desk (large speakers and a separate amplifier).
  • In specific games (Call of Duty or Counter Strike) you can get ambient sounds or footsteps not to position in-game, then you will miss the surround sound.
  • Long cables (very positive), but with this amount and separate amplifier sometimes awkward. This requires definitely some cable management.

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion

Mid – and help

Score: 5

Review: Edifier C3X

– Introduction
– Specifications
– Unpacking
– In practice
– Conclusion

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Edifier C3X product page

Entering new territory is always exciting, today is the turn of a speaker. In my review I will discuss that Edifier C3X, a 2.1 set with a lavish look. The bathroom comes with a separate amplifier / controller that is fun and connectivity solutions. On the back there is a USB port and card reader, to direct music to play.

The subwoofer has a nice size, definitely something right out of the box knows to fall. The past year I have especially made use of my headset, and was missing there is actually a speakersetje on my desk. With the move last december, and knew the C3X directly a spot on my desk. From that moment on was the testing in the practice, and has already quite a few hours with Spotify got to know. It is also the set of the Top 2000 selection, better training is not? Enough stories, otherwise I have it once again about our “tipsy dance” during the nieuwsjaarwisseling.

At the time of writing, the cost of the Edifier C3X online about 149,99 euro.

An overview of the main features:

I’m not a real connoisseur when it to speakers. The stamp ‘noob’ is perhaps also not entirely out of place, because experience with sound is there for sure. So has my father always nice receivers and speakers had Onkyo and Marantz. I myself have done it with a Logitech Z-4 set. Never am I really dissatisfied about the price / quality ratio of this set. It is certainly not ‘THE’ bathroom, but just as useful to advance to state. Continue with the topic of this chapter, the specifications.

Edifier C3X is a 2.1 set, two speakers and a. safety n subwoofer. The speakers each have a power output of 10 W RMS per piece. Under the hoods, we see completed. n 92mm driver, and completed. n 13mm tweeter. The speakers are each 116mm x 160mm x 203mm what the best big boys on your desk. They’re fun plateautjes to merchandise, or your headset to make lean. The subwoofer is an 8 inch / 210mm model with the dimensions of 283mm 267mm x 265mm. As I indicated earlier: it is quite a tin beast for a 2.1 set. The subwoofer delivers 45 Watts RMS. In comparison with the Logitech Z-4 with 8.5 W on speakers and 23 W on the subwoofer, it is certainly a nice upgrade. The experience with the Z-4 will reference during this review.

The supplied amplifier of the C3X has a pleasant connectivity solutions. The set is loose to use the computer. Do you have a party and you want the speaker to move it to the living room? This is possible. Connect a USB stick with your music and play. You can use the buttons on the amplifier by the music. The packaging is also a remote control just makes it easier to set to control. You have no USB-stick? You can also use an SD card.

If you have the dimensions of the speakers and subwoofer have been given in the chapter specifications, it can be almost not otherwise, that we have a good packaging for the extract. The set comes well packaged in foam and cardboard packaging.

Fresh out of the packaging is the first time for a family photo. It is a pretty hefty set, with a classic design, consisting of wood, aluminum and plastic. The speakers (satellites) and subwoofer have a wood finish, to be precise, these out of MDF. The amplifier is a separate case which I shall explain further uitlicht.

The speakers are pretty right-on as we used to. Fully finished in black MDF, with the front fabric grill. The speakers may be a bit bigger, it really did feel them. They take place in on your desk, but this is still quite manageable. Just as Foritain I wanted the grill to remove, I ended up here, but refrained. Afterwards clearly state on the website that this is not possible. On the back we get the standard connectors, and an opening for the speaker on the wall.

The subwoofer is of a heavier caliber. This is made out of 13mm MDF, with a plastic ring that the shape of the driver in a subtle way presents.

To the amplifier, which distinguishes itself from the rest of the set in terms of appearance. The base is a robust plastic housing finished with aluminum accents. It seems like the housing around the ring of the console is built. On the side we see an aux and headphone jack.

In the middle of the ring is a rotary switch, furthermore, we see around this dial physical buttons. In the edge there is a red LED. On the rear we find the connections for the speakers and a subwoofer, and a power switch. At the top we see a 3.5 mm jack, an RCA input and the multimedia inputs, USB and SD.

Finally we come to the connections, speaker cords and a slim remote control. The standard 3.5 mm cable can be extended to a longer 3.5 mm with a koppelstukje. This koppelstukje also has a RCA connection. The slim remote control is a compact, light and handy. The button are small bubbles that have little feedback to give. We come here for buttons for the inputs to change volume, skip, bass and treble controls and on and off.

To the extent that the extract of the Edifier C3X, hooray!

Before we start on this chapter, can I almost not to mention that Foritain rather a review wrote about the C3X. In his review he gave no comparisons to make with the Z-4 set, I’m going to do this so it’s nice to do, because this is my only comparison. Experience with other sets are there, but too few to be really well-founded statements about to do. Now it is true that the C3X and Z-4 is a nice price difference. At that time, I have the Z-4 bought for 70 euros, with the current price of the C3X this is a big difference of 80 euros.

In practice, the C3X is a fine set to work. The speakers are pretty right-on, elongated with a finish of wood. Not super exciting. On the other hand jumps the amplifier in terms of design, looking to escape. This has a clean finish, an LED that gently pulses even when the set is in standby mode. Centrally located on the amplifier there is a button to to turn the volume surrounded by physical buttons to adjust settings, for example, the audio input, bass and treble, front and back button and the powerkop. In the glossy upper part is a display showing the current input shows, the volume and subwoofer settings. So you can from the comfort of your chair everything with a snap to arrange, so that you are not a moment of the action have to miss.

In the introduction, I was all about the introduction of the C3X with the Top 2000. A wide of music, many different genres and something for everyone. Two buddies were still clearly under the impression, which is completed. n a lot of value attached to the ‘tunes’ of DJ Tiesto, and the other to Iron Maiden. The sound, the full feeling that the C3X know how to produce feel good. With a simple turn of the volume knob you get the idea that there is a lot of depth. On a low volume is the Z-4 is barely present, and in his low tones are unclear, while the C3X, then clearly the difference in quality (and price difference) to his right. With the default settings right out of the box is the C3X at volume level of 10 out of 50, this gives from the first moment already a pleasant sound.

Our DJ Tiesto lover was certainly under the impression of the sound. But still, he wanted some ‘harder’ than the mostly pop music from the Top 2000. Then came the genre which I personally prefer to avoid: hardcore. He already had a keen look at the subwoofer on the floor, under the guise of ‘just testing’ trod he the volume knob on his tail. A bit like The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, but with the C3X as the lead role. The low tones (bass) remained pure without buzz or hum. At one time, I had his private lwa rave but just stop, because otherwise, the neighbors are still out of bed vibrate. At a higher volume it seems like the sound is hardly deformed, which is of course positive.

Then we still have to take a look at the comparison. After a clear testronde with the C3X I start a bit in my hands to squeeze. In the beginning of this chapter I said still confident: we are going to compare, but if I’m realistic, this is quite a challenge. The Z-4 winds around here for a 2nd life, with a zoning plan for the PC of my girlfriend. I turn up the volume with the Z-4, then you notice that the subwoofer (bass) is a bass thick under the C3X. The Z-4 has sometimes even have trouble to be pure to stay, where the C3X still packs a punch. The sound of the C3X fills the space, where the Z-4 is pretty empty.

I share the same opinion if Foritain if it’s for gaming sessions. Usually game with my headset on to communicate with friends on TeamSpeak. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III is sound for me is a key factor. The perk ‘Awareness’ makes it easier to footsteps to see. Here it is particularly important to the lower and mid-low tones. Sometimes I got lost where these footsteps exactly came from. The subwoofer is right under my desk on the right side, what in terms of positioning what is unskillful. After a small renovation I have this more centrally placed. Then came the footsteps and other ambient sounds already a lot better to their right.

The sound of the C3X is full, powerful but still subtle. So far I have no nasty distortions may observe. The bass dominates, there is helpful, therefore, to distinguish between the different tones. Always fine if you get the most out of your music, or the singer is still a bit able to understand. The fullness of this set put it on him especially. These give an intense feeling, there happened something, and it is present. The sound quality of the whole set is just really good and seems to be the extra cost over my previous set of thick worth, perhaps I dare even impressive. If I really have a primary goal would have to choose for this set is the music. During gameplay, I miss still some noise, which I do with my 5.1 surround sound headset can detect. However, with proper positioning, you can certainly improve, but for a game of Black Ops III remains the headset is now definitely on. Do you play many single player games, then the C3X is really a nice beast. During Fallout 4 sessions, I certainly enjoyed it, because sometimes it is the world without the headset on your head is also fine.

New territory is always awkward and at the same time a bit exciting. With the C3X I am a new saga begun in the sound that should be heard! Faint h lwa? Direct reference to the C3X to convert I had not. I have tried to make the Z-4 to compare, but in the section ‘in practice’ come, I quickly realized that this is difficult. Both sets of outrun each other to far in terms of positioning; The Z-4 is what sound is simply not in the vicinity of the C3X, but he was also a lot cheaper. Nevertheless, the findings later in the chapter. Now is the time for my feelings to share about the C3X, it is time for the conclusion.

Edifier C3X feels from the first moment enable convincing. You do not need special operations to do to get good sound to expect. Here I am not the only witness. Two buddies of mine were also very impressed. Soon followed by the question: “what does it cost?” At that time, I let people always be an estimate. They gambled around the 190 – 200 euro. With the current price of 149,99 about the C3X there is still more than 40 to 50 euros, and there you can a lot of Vietnamese spring rolls. Now we’re actually budgeting; the price – quality ratio of the C3X seems to be thick in order for what you receive. If I have to choose for 150 Vietnamese spring rolls or the C3X, I have quickly chosen.

The full, deep, subtle, sound quality is impressive. When set at a higher volume to achieve this remains pure. There is space for the different tones and sounds to be heard. The subwoofer (bass) on the amp from 0 to 5 to set up, if you an extra boost. Straight out of the packaging, this on 0, enough to clearly present without being intrusive.

The noise level of the C3X may be the most important thing, in terms of connectivity solutions is also fine. Do you have a party in the living room, on the balcony or in your dark basement? Then you take the set with them. Connect a USB stick or SD card and play. With the controller in the amplifier and the remote control is the set of easy to send. You can connect the set prefer to your fixed equipment, then you do this with the rca or 3.5 mm jack, but lacks an optical input. The C3X set is quite large, particularly the speakers, do you have limited space on your desk, then this is certainly something to keep in mind. Personally, I use completed. n speaker if headset support, and completed. n speaker to merchandise to exhibit. The speaker cords, which you saw earlier during the extraction process are quite long, manually shortening is a possibility. Normally I welcome long cables, but with your computer setup, this can certainly be what needs attention. The fact that you also have a separate amplifier, and everything should connect. If you have some time investing in cable management can go a long way. The cables I have here a little crammed behind my desk, totally not visible.

Listening to music, a movie or a game of gaming? The C3X does it with class. Provided you have the set of good positions you can with games a lot of perceive sounds. You play really sound, for example during Call of Duty or Counter Strike where your opponents want to be able to position themselves on the basis of their footsteps, then you will miss something with a 2.1 set. These are also moments that I have my 5.1 headset to wear, or where a 5.1 set a benefit would offer. Is this really a large disadvantage of the C3X itself? No, not really. With almost any 2.1 set, this is to be expected.

If you have a budget in mind, if you’re looking for a 2.1 set, then the Edifier C3X fine to consider. The balance of a fun ability, full and pure sound is something that the C3X fine describes. As an extra, you’ve got some handy connectivity solutions, and a remote control. With a price of currently approximately 149,99 euro do you get such great sound indoors.

Below are a number of high resolution photos for more beeldplezier! Click the photos to enlarge: