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Xerox WorkCentre 6025V_BI – Tukkertje-RaH

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Mfp with good print quality, but moderate software support and scanning options.


  • Print quality very good
  • Price


  • Scanning to USB, email or network drive – not from PC
  • Drivers for Windows 10 and Mac OS-X moderately available
  • Bonjour protocol want printer hang

Final conclusion

Score: 3Per criterion

Ink usage

Score: 4

The standard route: of an inkjet printer with endless ending cartridges to finally have a laser printer with scan capability to the network so that everyone ‘m able to use. But this is not my first mfd and for this I had a Samsung CLX-3175, wired to the network connected and always to the satisfaction functioned.AlgemeenWellicht is the experience with the Samsung that this Xerox (2 months) now what does the price. Yes, the print quality is beautiful. And indeed, you can scan it and he connects with the network. But still, that wireless still have problems, the drivers for Mac OS X and Windows 10 are not easy to find, and the Bonjour protocol to make the printer crash as soon as someone his MBP open…we Start with the ‘points to consider’:ScannenBij the Samsung I had a (not very well written) app that I have on my PC could start to operate the scanner. Scan preview, scan multiple pages and control the format in which the scan was made (pdf, jpg, etc). Not with the Xerox. There, you manage a kind of address book in which your network shares can put it where the scanner is in the scan to send. Or you scan to USB, FTP, etc. That also works, but fiddling on the small screen along all of the menu’s is a lot less useful than the same from your PC.Bonjour and OS-XIk have a healthy aversion to wireless. Wi-fi is nice for a tablet, but for things that are permanently on the network is a cable often work better, faster and more reliable. It occurred to me that as soon as one of the boys came home the printer is not accessible. Ping monitor is installed and indeed: as soon as there is a Macbook open, kept the printer on. Bonjour in the printer turned off and that problem was solved. New problem: how to install that printer in OS X?

That was, unfortunately, not automatically. Here We have a number of Macbooks (first world’s problems), and two of the three can now print as that is set as Internet Printing (IPP). The third I don’t get to talk. Drivers were (would have to check if it still is) not available for the most recent OS X version. That also applies for Windows 10 – there it is also better to ‘fake it’ that you use windows 7.InstallatieBij the printer is a CD-ROM is shipped with an installation program and a USB cable to connect the printer to a PC to hang. During the installation you specify on your PC the password for your wi-fi (so no fiddling to get that via a small screen – with all the mistakes and frustrations of that!). There are on the PC, what additional applications installed which I really still don’t know exactly what they are doing. A printscout and an address book manager (which the latter you need to scan to a network share).

Is the printer connected to the network then you have actually nothing more to do. For the Windows 10 machines I have always a large installation file Xerox download for Mac OS X was, as I mentioned, especially pielen and try.Final verdict:Like I said, the print quality is fine, certainly for its price: 260 euros is not expensive for a multifunction device. If you z ” n caprices with respect to scanning takes for granted (or, if you are used to), then it is what you want. I’d buy them again with the knowledge/experience of now? I think it’s actually not – I think I at Samsung was preserved, and a wired printer would take.