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MSI Gaming Series GS60 6QE-013NL – mikehulshof

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A fast, beautiful, gaming laptop. That is also very thin!


  • Beautiful screen
  • GTX 970M
  • i7-6700HQ
  • Games he plays well off
  • Photo and video editing will go quickly
  • Nice design (sleek lwa n thin)


  • Boxes under the laptop
  • Housing vingervlekgevoellig
  • Touchpad
  • Sometimes makes quite a lot of sound

Final conclusion

Score: 4Per criterion

Mobility and battery life

Score: 3

The most that a gaming laptop purchases will be thinking, these are thick laptops.
This is absolutely not the case with this MSI laptop. He is to my mind reasonably thin and weighs what, he’s not heavy but you will notice that this really is a solid laptop with great specifications. Photo and video editing with Sony Vegas, and Adobe products is smooth and fast, nothing wrong with that. Game I expected not really much, but this laptop plays GTA V with an average of 55fps well, and this is on High/Very High. I also think the keyboard is a big advantage. This type good.