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Philips BDM4065UC Black – Murasaki_

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Large flat with a thin bezel, that are the advantages. Not recommended for professional use.


  • Large
  • A thin bezel


  • backlight
  • ghosting
  • colors

Final conclusion

Score: 2Per criterion

Color reproduction

Score: 1

Large screen, but not suitable for professional use.
For reference, I use this monitor next to a 30″ 10-bit IPS panel.

MVA panel, never again.
If your surfaces are moved, you get the typical MVA vertical lines syndrome, where a full flat color all vertical lines in movement, with ghosting in a different color on the sides.

Backlight technology…
As I beforehand knew that LCD’s the direction of the 60hz crt flicker went, then I had better have my research done for this monitor. 100% burn your eyes almost out so that is not a possibility, and anything below 100% starts to flash (camera phone, test). Especially with such a large screen is very annoying.

Colors are, of course, less than the 10-bit display. But now that I have them next to each other, see, this is my last 8bit screen. The difference is too large, the only advantage of the Philips in terms of color is that, black is darker.

As soon as there is an affordable 40″ 4k 10bit IPS screen available, go this way.