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Iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU-B2 Black – Nixoa12

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Great monitor with lot of different and useful features, definitely very useful for PC gamers because of the FreeSync technology and high refresh rate.


  • Build quality
  • Beautiful image
  • 144hz
  • FreeSync technology


  • Touch screen buttons are sometimes a little awkward

Final conclusion

Score: 5Per criterion

Color reproduction

Score: 4

InleidingIk use this monitor in combination with a standard laptop and a Playstation 4, this review will not be entered on the FreeSync technology and high refresh rate of 144hz. In a later stage, I go into the review to extend with a extended piece about the FreeSync technology and the use of the 144hz. A very long time I have a iiyama monitor had a slightly lesser quality, a Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS-1. This I have always a lot of fun, a excellent monitor for daily use. However, because of my future idea to have a PC in the other to convert, I have recently had a new 2nd monitor purchased.

My old monitor, the Iiyama ProLite E2407HDS-1 is a monitor with a refresh rate of 75hz and a response time of 2ms. Here is still a large difference in comparison with the Iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU-B2. This has a refresh rate of 144hz and a response time of 1ms.

Outside of the fact that the technical specifications of the new GB2488HSU-B2 a lot better than my previous monitor and generally a lot better than the average “home and garden” monitor. The GB2488HSU-B2 is also a monitor that is in very very many ways to tilt and twist. He is adjustable in height, vertical tilt and horizontal tilt. You can give him, therefore, exactly to your personal liking, this is something that was lacking with my previous monitor. Partly because of this in a slightly more expensive price range.First indrukHet first thing that I noticed in the unboxing of my new monitor was the excellent unboxing experience. It was a good sturdy box with lots of cables and it struck me as everything except against. For a monitor of 300 euros, I found this a big plus. Also because of the easy design makes this a very pleasant experience.

The monitor comes with the following cables:

  • DisplayPort
  • 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm
  • Dual-Link DVI
  • Power cable

When I got the monitor once it had been set up and have everything connected, I noticed that the monitor is not only wonderfully adjustable, but also that he is a lot more solid as my old monitor. When configuring a number of cables, and the scrolling of my table top remained, the monitor neat right that I had the idea that he is unstable. This is on my older monitor is always dangerous because my top is loose!Graphic kwaliteitZoals discussed previously: a part of the graphical aspects of the monitor I still need to test and so I can not yet review!After connecting the monitor, I have him tested directly, once connected to my Playstation 4, I have a number of laps in the Project Cars and a number of pots of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 played. The first thing that I want to be here noticed that the monitor is still a lot better picture than my old monitor. It was a lot sharper image, probably this is due to the dot pitch.

Outside of the fact that at first glance the monitor is a piece of beautiful looks are the graphics settings a lot more extensive than my previous monitor. You can set a number of presets to use, or your own preset and self-adjusting. Here are a number of things that are important, brightness, contrast, and the black tuner to adjust. But also FreeSync support on and off is one of the options for this monitor. This is, of course, locked as you don’t pair it with a computer with an AMD video card.Touchscreen buttons iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU-B2 has no physical buttons, but touch screen buttons. Of course, it is a best alternative, however, I am personally not a fan of both.. My previous monitor had a relatively annoying problem with the physical buttons. This responded just sometimes slow. Took me 5-10x the clicks before it responds. With my new monitor, there are no physical buttons, this problem will therefore no longer show up. However, these buttons are what is hard to press, it reacts not entirely smooth.

Unfortunately, this is nothing to do and it is not more than a little pity!ConclusieVoor gaming on a playstation 4, I recommend buying a monitor in this price range. It is just simply overkill and not needed. However, I would you may be very recommend to get a monitor brand Iiyama to buy! My personal experience is that their monitors the best together in combination with gaming. Their quick response time and crisp image that makes you enemies the fastest for their head can pop off!

It is an excellent monitor for an advanced PC gamer, for the average console gamer, this is to my idea not the best choice. Simply because you will not have the additional technology, this monitor boasts.

Specifications:Screen Diagonal: 24 Inch
Resolution: 1920*1080px
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Video: DisplayPort, HDMI 2x, DVI-D
LCD Panel: TN
Dot Pitch: 0,277 mm
Response time: 1ms
Refresh rate: 144hz
Price (26-1-2016): comply 298,56

For more specifications check out: http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/475132/iiyama-prolite-gb2488hsu-b2-zwart/specificaties/

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