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How to make fire from a muffler alone

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Quite often when performing various motor show are a variety of spectacular views. One of these shows is the flame of the muffler. Its essence lies in the fact that fuel is supplied to the exhaust pipe, where it is concentrated. Then, using additional devices is spark and the gas, which is accumulated, effectively digets in the form of flames flying out of the muffler.

Автомобилю можно придать необыкновенный вид, сделать это можно и самому

The car can give a great view, you can do it yourself

Where used

As mentioned earlier, most often such pyrotechnics used during different motor show, car festivals and gatherings motorists. In some cases, a similar effect is also used in circus performances.

Video: flames out the muffler

In everyday life it is not so often seen. First, the vehicle must be specially converted for this purpose. Secondly, this is not dangerous and it can be done only with the full list of security measures. And finally, thirdly, the increased heat load more drastically reduces the service life of the exhaust pipe and other elements that it articulated.


Now we will try to answer the question: “How to make a flame out of the exhaust?”. The basis of any such trick is the process of burning. For its physical implementation requires 3 components:

  1. The presence of sufficient oxygen
  2. The presence of fuel
  3. The presence of an ignition source

The first paragraph is not a problem. In the earth’s atmosphere, oxygen is always present in the desired concentration (about 21 percent). This is sufficient to maintain the combustion process.

With the advent of fuel in the exhaust pipe appear minor problems. They can be solved through minor design changes in the construction of motor unit vehicles.

Такое зрелище привлечет много внимания

Such a spectacle will attract a lot of attention

Another important consideration is the distribution of the fuel over the surface of the pipe. The greater the surface it is, the better will be the result. This problem is solved in complex with the first due to a change in design of the engine.

The third and last point requires major changes in the design of the engine. It is necessary to make those elements in the design of cars that did not exist before. This is an additional spark plug and high voltage transformer. These two devices are paired to create a spark in the exhaust pipe and lead to a sharp fire of fuel.

Technical implementation

The flow of gasoline into the exhaust pipe can be implemented in 2 ways:

  1. At the time when the engine is running at higher speed, abruptly switch off the ignition and thus to increase the flow of gas. When this fuel will not burn in the cylinders of internal combustion engine and will go directly into the system vibronic gases.
  2. The second option is associated modification of the structure of the vehicle. Not all gasoline burned, twisting around one or two spark plugs and in their place are pre-prepared blank. Next, include the internal combustion engine and increasing the gas. As a result, the part of fuel, bypassing the combustion in the working cylinders, flows into the exhaust pipe.

В глушителе будет установлена дополнительная свеча зажигания

The silencer will be installed additional spark plug

For the end of the execution of this special effect, you must file a spark in the muffler. For this purpose, it provides the space for an extra spark plugs. Next to it provides a mount for a high-voltage transformer (also called ignition coil). These elements are connected using a special wire type UIP (voltage cable).

The most difficult part in this scheme is the additional connection of the transformer into the electrical circuit of the vehicle. Before laying the wires you need to disconnect the battery for safety purposes.

Then it is necessary for tightening the three wires. The cross-section of these connecting elements must be the same as those that are installed on the transformer. One wire goes with the usual ignition coil on plug for more. The second must go to the dashboard of a car. And the third must connect the new transformer with the dashboard.

The next step is to install a toggle switch on it and it will connect pre-assembled cables. Then the electrical circuit is ready. Now, after you accumulate a certain amount of gasoline in the exhaust pipe is sufficient to enable momentary toggle switch (not more than 3 seconds) and get the flames in the appropriate place.

Без дополнительного оборудования вам не обойтись

No additional hardware, you can not do

As can be seen from the foregoing it previously, make the flame of the muffler with your hands is quite possible. The necessary parts can be purchased at any automotive shop. But to make this work with the connection is not difficult. Special tools are needed.

Video: fire dragon


When performing this trick, you must follow certain safety rules. The first of them is the stationary condition of the vehicle. Be sure the vehicle must be in a stationary position. Such representation necessarily conducted outdoors and in open areas. If something goes wrong, you want to have people had the opportunity to evacuate. Better than an open area for it not to happen.

The operating time of such a system should not exceed 3 seconds. Otherwise you may damage certain parts of the vehicle. In relative proximity to the muffler is not allowed the presence of any elements, including other vehicles or spectators.

Such pyrotechnic system must not be used on public roads. This can lead to an emergency situation on the road to death.

При работе с огнеопасными элементами, в первую очередь, нужно позаботится о безопасности

When working with flammable elements, first and foremost, you need take care about security


Any work related to the modernization of the auto, if desired, can be performed independently. This requires only minor special training and free time. The flame of the muffler in this regard is no exception and it too can be done.

When using this system, it is mandatory to follow all the necessary safety regulations.