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How to make tuning the car with his hands

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The English word “tuning” have firmly entered into the everyday life of most motorists. At sufficiently loosely translated, in relation to a vehicle, means the setting of certain elements or characteristics in accordance with their own tastes and preferences of one or another motorist. It does not matter the amount of work performed, complete or partial conversion of something, as in this case, everything depends on the query, based on the material possibilities.

Tuning salon

Modern car tuning aims not only to stand out from the crowd and to emphasize their individuality, but also to provide for themselves and passengers more convenience and comfort. Among all measures to improve and comprehensive revision of the entire car, tuning salon occupies a special place.

Хороший тюнинг салона - сделает поездки намного комфортными

Good tuning salon will make the trip much comfortable

This is primarily due to the fact that during trips of any duration, the driver and passengers most of the time inside the car, in his beauty. In addition, ultimately, interior trim should be in harmony with the external design of the vehicle and its technical equipment.

Types of tuning

As practice shows, conducting tuning interior of the car, a fairly complex undertaking. The interior of any car is a set of elements, components and accessories of different purposes, therefore, it is important to observe and to withstand any particular common style. Because the dashboard is the most important element of the interior, then all transformations start from it.

Video options tuning salon:

First of all, the revision are the instruments themselves, by replacing the scale or optimization of the illumination. The most trouble, it is the replacement of the instrument panel on another part, from the more expensive and prestigious car brand. The most exclusive option is the instrument panel is created manually by individual order. This is the most expensive and time-consuming method, which very few are qualified.


Solving the problem of how to make the tuning salon, it should focus on the flocking. This is one of the modern design of the interior, when instead of smooth surfaces is formed velvet, velour or suede finish. This effect is achieved by applying the fine fibers or flock located in an electric field, so that they are orthogonal to cover the basis. Flocking produced by a continuous layer, gives, in the end, even fleecy coating. In a selective coating, is formed in advance of the planned figure. In addition to decorative functions, flocking, thanks to the properties of the material itself, plays the role of heat and sound insulation, protection against ignition, obstacles to condensation and so on.

Салон после флокирования

Beauty after flocking

Most often, after the instrument panel, are subject to upgrading the controls of the vehicle. First here is the steering wheel, which varies in different editions, up to the full replacement on the sports steering wheel is of a smaller diameter. Often used covering the steering wheel different materials. However, it is necessary to consider that all manipulation of the steering wheel, in no case did not affect traffic safety.

The gear lever, usually given in accordance with the steering wheel. If necessary, it would completely change. The foot control can be decorated with special pads.

Tuning car seats

Most often, the tuning of the interior of the car is not complete without the modernization of car seats. The simplest operation in this matter is the replacement covers. With all the richness of choice, it is necessary to carefully choose the material according to the principle of quality, color, price. It is desirable that in new cases was smaller synthetics. More complex tuning seat is a complete replacement of their upholstery. One of the most popular is leather upholstery, requiring special care during operation. Often used all known artificial synthetic leather, called Alcantara. Thanks to such qualities as durability and beautiful design, this material is used not only for the seats, but for the upholstery of individual elements of the interior.

Кресла автомобиля после тюнинга

Chair car after tuning

As a rule, their seats are simply replaced by other, more prestigious, which can be installed in its own beauty. A more expensive option is to purchase seats sport type from the well-known models.

In accordance with the General style of the interior, subject to the finalization of such elements salon, ceiling, floor, upholstery front and rear doors. At the same time, in parallel, work on sound insulation and the installation of additional speakers stereo system. At the same time, you can replace the standard lighting of beauty more perfect, in the form of an led or neon tubes.

Ultimately, the tuning of the native car will bring tangible benefits and will be every day a great pleasure.