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Tuning of vintage cars – new life for an old technology

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The majority held personalities love to demonstrate their position in society and their achievements. Most often, the desire to stand out from the crowd is manifested through expensive clothes, accessories and, of course, through personal transport. Now on the road, you can see any car new model than in principle, is no surprise. Much more interesting and will look more luxurious car old model with some history. To old car looked decent, will help the tuning of vintage cars.

Тюнинг вдохнул в машину новую жизнь

Tuning breathed in the car a new life

Reconstruction, restoration, styling – is there a difference?

Abroad restoration and reconstruction of old cars has long been not a new activity, this is quite a popular pastime. As for Russia, the reconstruction has become popular recently, until that time, the garage was recognized only accurate restoration without any deviation from the norm.

Video: auto tuning retro

Today, refurbishing old machines are more private garages, they embody the reality of the author’s ideas, turning auto updated and luxurious transport. Reconstruction – this is something different compared to the restoration and styling.

Restoration is the exact observance of the works relative to the original. Hence, if used parts and accessories that do not conform to this or that particular model year, the vehicle can be regarded as the original Gullwing. But many people do not see anything shameful, on the contrary, fans of vintage cars are only satisfied with the appearance of the vehicle, but many details they would replace. Indeed, many would like to drive not only the beautiful car, but still comfortable. Automatic transmission, powerful engine, climate control and much more is done for convenience with old cars.

Tuning cars of the USSR is rather time-consuming task. As often is the modernization of the many items in the car. Because the tuning is replacing nodes, setup and adjustment mechanism and their individual parameters.

Реставрированный автомобиль радует глаз своим внешним видом

Restored the car pleases the eye by its appearance

During the reconstruction of the old cars had changed seats, and it’s pretty hard work, after all, need to be replaced all the mounts from the old seats. Suspension and steering the old models of cars improved, allowing you to make smooth maneuvers as on a deserted highway, and bustling city. But to the speed of the machine was quite comfortable, often the standard engine is replaced by a turbocharged motor.

Save retromobile using tuning

In most cases, the cars of the old days does not look as attractive as you would like actually. And the only thing that can help car old age in this case – deep tuning. Only car tuning retro can breathe life into him and only through him, the headlights will Shine spark.

Reconstruction of the retro car requires careful attention and skill of the craftsmen. The result is a unique work, not even similar to each other. And this is not surprising, because the tuning is done by hand.

Так выглядел тюнинг во времена Советского Союза

It looked like the tuning in the Soviet Union

First of all, a complete disassembly of the housing, after which it thoroughly clean. After that comes the stage of recovery of the chassis and, of course, the paint work on the body. When these works are completed, begins the most important one is to replace the engine and transmission, is upgrading the wiring and brake system. The final stage is the interior of the machine.

As for the styling, everything is a little different styling makes the car in SOCAR. The wizard can alter any bodywork and suspension. Almost always lower or completely cut off the roof, resulting in you get quite a nice convertible. The last thing you can do with the machine is airbrushing. There are no specific rules for how and how much should be pictures on the retro car, mainly there should be a good taste.

Tuning is a reflection of the character of the owner

Using new technologies can tune the simplest and oldest car, turning it into a unique vehicle. Almost all garages do the tuning of vintage cars, a photo of which can be found in their catalogs or on the Internet to have the slightest idea of what can happen as a result.

С тюнингом и запорожец может выглядит красиво и привлекательно

With tuning and Zaporozhets can look beautiful and attractive

Often garages divide the tuning of two types:

  • technical.
  • the aesthetic.

If the owner of the old “iron horse” is purposefully trying to rid the world of monotonous and mundane things, for such a case it is recommended to change the appearance of the exterior and interior.

If the car owner on the contrary ready to pay more attention to comfort and dynamic parameters, in this case the restoration is subjected to engine, suspension and brakes. Adding auto show a little personality, you can get absolutely exclusive model cars, existing in a single copy.

Video: tuning Soviet machines

Sitting behind the wheel of an old car, I would like to use all the facilities that are only possible in the car – wheel, air conditioning, comfortable seats and much more. For the implementation of such desires can make tuning a retro car. Through tuning the car you can see how the character and taste of the owner has, for example, the old “Volga”.