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Sun visor on the windshield – tuning or upgrade?

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In modern cars, many car owners on the car windshield sun is the band, and, as a rule, the salon has a few sun protection elements. We note that most car owners believe that the sun visor on the windshield – it’s just an addition to the tuning of the car, and any special features it does not. But this factor can be argued.

Why visor

It is easy to prove, if you imagine a typical situation, when the transparent properties)” get the sun’s rays, making the visibility is zero. And if the driver leaves, for example, out of the tunnel, no visibility at all. We can say unequivocally that in this case it is impossible will be nothing to see beyond the hood of the car. It is in these situations will help not only the sun band, but the visor over the windshield will not be superfluous.

Автомобиль с козырьком на лобовом стекле

Car visor on the windshield

In addition, this item will not only give originality to your car, but also create a comfortable ride in the daytime. Typically, such items can be easily found in the factory version. Also each driver has the opportunity to make the visor on the windshield under the order, this is usually the case if the car was manufactured a long time ago, and no parts of it can not be found.

Features installation kit

Of course, installing the factory set will be considered as the best option, because for fastening are used in the main common elements of the car body, and this is particularly important when further operation. Also have factory parts compliance associated with the design, color, and other visual elements of the car.

I would also like to mention that to install the visor over the windshield must be carefully and with the utmost care. Before you will spend the final fixation, it is necessary to check that the visor was just installed on the car body. Therefore, you must carefully read the installation instructions. Even minor at first glance, the violation can cause you lose the element during the movement.

Козырьки на авто устанавливаются на множество марок автомобилей

Visors on auto installed on many brands of cars

For models Russian automotive industry

Finally, wait and visor on the windshield from domestic producers. It must come from the glorious city of Togliatti, where now started its production for the latest models of the same car. The material from which it was produced – penopoleuretan. His weight was of 2.5 kg is Mounted on the through bolts, and glass sealant for coating. We can say unequivocally that it was produced by a specialist who studied the wishes of the clients. Considered some of the features installed on the exterior of our cars.

How to lay out and cut the visor:

Thus, it is perfectly just, and now looks very impressive. If you still think that the visor over the windshield – this addition to the tuning, then you are deeply mistaken. Do not rush to get rid of it, if you bought a car with the existing visor. In the future you will be able to understand it fully. Be sure of this.

This applies in particular to the Russian reality, because tinted glass, including the windshield, now prohibited by law. However, in several European countries subject to the same restrictions.

If our readers have their own opinions on how to install the sun visor on the windshield of the vehicle, please leave appropriate comments. Will also be interesting to learn about the experience, if available, install the visor of their own making.