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Led lights in cars

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To date, luminous disks, interior lighting, grille and the bottom is part of the individualization of the vehicle, and a slight increase its practicality. Led lighting often serves as a tool for extravagance designer hand refinement of the car, but gradually becoming more and more significance. For example, the LEDs used in the optics of the vehicle, lead to more efficient lighting and energy saving.

Вот как выглядит автомобиль тюнингованный подсветкой

Here is the car tuned backlight

LEDs are small light-emitting elements, which is a new stage in the development of lighting technology. These items of lighting equipment have significant advantages over other light sources, namely:

  • compact size;
  • bright light;
  • efficiency in energy consumption;
  • stable work in various weather conditions;
  • great service life.

With all the benefits of led lighting, it is necessary to remember what to do led lighting with their hands only when you know how to do it. In other cases it is better to consult the experts.

Glowing wheels

To make the wheels glowing today is not too difficult. This is done using a special composition is applied to the disks, or they are led lights. In the first case, the composition is applied by spray directly on the disk or wheel. This coating consists of substances that are first to absorb light energy and then emit providing illumination. Luminous pigment ink contains strontium aluminate, which, unlike phosphorus, safe and on-time glow repeatedly (50 times) surpasses it.

Очень стильно выглядит подсветка дисков

Very stylish looks backlight drive

Led backlight drive wheels is a new milestone in the world of car tuning. Today, the backlight drive is a wonderful expression of individuality, and this car is guaranteed to attract attention. This tuning solution is multi-color illumination system of wheels, which are controlled remotely. Using the remote control, the driver can customize the colors to your liking, and set any of the modes highlighting disks.

To manage glowing disks easy. Using the remote control you can configure the following:

  • direct static highlighting;
  • the brightness of the backlight;
  • the illumination color selection;
  • dynamic modes.

On sale you can find special kits led light discs, which, in addition to attractiveness, have quality. Bright ribbon LEDs are illuminated evenly. They are impact resistant and have good humidity resistance, that will allow their use in any weather. Margin of safety led strips allows you not to worry about small stones, which at speeds get inside the disk.

Lights grille and optics

Led lights grille is an integral part of the length of the tuning machine. For this purpose led strip with integrity. These LEDs are mounted behind the front bumper so that the light from the scatter them evenly over the entire grille and added to the uniqueness of the car.

Подсветка радиатора должна распределяться равномерно

The backlight of the radiator should be distributed evenly

Today, many tuning companies produce, including led and optics for cars. A ready-made solution looks nice, but still not everyone can afford. In the headlamps, you can install led strip that will be able to work when you turn on Parking lights. In the rear lights lighting can also add led strip red, but under the condition that the light side lights will not light “stops”. It is better to add in the stop-signal one or two strips of LEDs to make them glow, as from a security point of view is more important to clearly could see their work.

Interior lighting interior

Also popular and led backlight auto salon. However, it is important not to overdo it, the lighting should not be too bright and Intrusive sharp. The switch such illumination can be combined with a regular switch illumination, thereby supplementing or strengthening its. If often requires the use of only the standard lighting, the power button led backlight can be done separately. Using LEDs can illuminate the following areas of the salon:

  • the foot of the driver, front and rear passengers;
  • the glove box;
  • the panel Board;
  • increase ceiling light;
  • the trunk (if we are talking about the van, minivan, SUV, hatchback, wagon, in which the Luggage compartment is part of the beauty).

Тюнинг салона должен быть равномерным и ненавязчивым

Tuning salon should be uniform and unobtrusive

On sale it is possible to meet a special controller for LEDs. Such a backlight controller will make the intensity of the luminescence, for example, dependent on interior noise. This function will turn an ordinary diode lighting in this light. The sensitivity, intensity and frequency glow led interior lighting will be changed by the regulators in the form of a slider. The controller is compact enough to fit in any convenient for the driver. It is fixed using double-sided tape.

Utilizing led backlight

In addition, this type of led lighting is used for the effective highlighting the vehicle’s underbody, wheel arches, plates, handles, doors, Luggage compartment, engine room and other things. There are many kits diode lighting that can make your car more practical and more appealing. Most importantly, do not seek to install led lighting with their hands, and to use the services of professionals in this case, if they themselves never did. It is important to remember that any improper interference in the electric system of the machine carries a potential risk.

Электросеть автомобиля имеет сложное устройство, поэтому лучше воспользоваться услугами специалистов

The electric car has a complex device, so it’s best to use the services of specialists

Light-emitting diodes and products made on their basis, constantly improving. For example, led optics, we can already see in the car in the premium segment, and subsequently it became the norm for all machines, because the diodes consume much less of an onboard electricity than traditional or a xenon lamp. Manufacturers of led products also develop custom modules that replace standard light bulbs at the diode. These substitutes the usual lamps can be easily installed in a regular place, without any adapters or additional blocks.

The quality and abundance of inventions led is steadily growing, but gradually reduced the cost of this “fun”. In addition, increases and the number of ready-made kits for light tuning. Soon glowing wheels, and illuminated the bottom of the car will not cause much surprise. Fans of bright individuality should hurry up, while led lighting is still quite exclusive.

If you want more information about led lighting, please indicate in the comments, and we will write about that would you still would like to know about it. And if you have something himself to tell on this subject, you also leave your story below and it will be useful for us readers.

Video of the car after tuning