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What is a vinyl sticker for car and how they can be pasted machine

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Not everyone has the opportunity to make radical changes, for example, to change your car for a newer model. But to update the appearance of the beloved “iron horse” and give it a unique personality quite acceptable for everyone.

Виниловые наклейки придают автомобилю индивидуальность

Vinyl sticker gives the car personality

Vinyl stickers on cars are very popular today and are the most successful solution to change the styling of your vehicle and its rapid transformation. Paste the vinyl film can be almost any surface, and, increasingly, on the streets you can find cars that are covered with vinography. A fairly wide distribution of this type of tuning has been abroad with the help of vinyl advertise on mostly commercial vehicles.

Watch video about wall car vinyl

Advantages of vinyl stickers

To give an exclusive look to your four-wheeled friend and with the help of airbrushing, but autominer has some advantages:

  • Vinyl stickers on the car cheaper airbrushing 3-4 times;
  • Working with autovision will not require much time and effort;
  • Vinyl film has a wide range of colors, can be matte or glossy, it gives huge opportunities for combining;
  • The idea for the future of the image can not pay, good enough to dream or take a picture from any computer games;
  • Design drawing also can be developed independently, without involving the artist for this useful minor skills in CorelDraw;
  • Vinyl coating protects the body from minor scratches, chips and damage and helps to keep the paintwork.
  • Boring picture quite easily removed without requiring then repaint the body, as after airbrushing;
  • Machine, eye-catching, stealing rare.
    Вы можете сами нарисовать, что захотите и наклеить свой рисунок на авто

    You can draw what you want and stick your picture on auto

Options for styling

Options for styling using vinyl film a huge amount. You can dramatically change the color of the car, very common in recent times, matte film, it will give a standard car a completely different look. You can combine different colors – to paste over their top and bottom of the body. You can use simple lines or complex images, one label or multiple images, and if you don’t want to change anything, you can paste auto transparent film – coating body under it will retain its original appearance. In Europe do that often enough, during operation glued auto transparent film, then shoot it and sell it “as new”.

You can select one or more labels of any size depending on your desire and change them every season without damage to the paint coating.

It should be remembered that if the picture does not match the color specified in the Datasheet, it should take no more than 50% of the area of the machine.

Care machine, covered with vinyl

Lifetime vinyl film depends on its manufacturer and is from 2 to 5 years in our climate. But even after this period the quality of the stickers can be satisfactory. Pasted vinyl car does not require any special recommendations for care, is to adhere to the standard requirements are: more care and cleanliness, less dirt and salt. Car vinyl stickers tolerates manual and automatic washing unheated water. While respecting the right technology pasting vinyl film for a long time to preserve the excellent appearance and make you happy.

Technology pasting auto vinyl

There are two ways of pasting car vinyl film:

  1. Pasting auto vinyl on a dry surface. This method is quite complex and only by a technician with special training, as to dry the surface of the adhesive layer adheres instantly, all defects and errors after application of the film has not come out to fix it. But the advantage of this method is that the vinyl film is glued at one time and can last for a longer period.
  2. Pasting auto vinyl on a wet surface. This way is much easier, because with the wet surface at any point you can remove the film and to correct minor flaws. This process is very similar to the process of tinting car.

It is important not to allow any remaining water in the space after pasting, after its drying formed ugly bubbles.

You may independently be pasted simple vinyl sticker provided comply with all instructions and technical requirements. Before pasting, the surface should be prepared, degrease and wet. Apply the tape and using a special spatula to thoroughly wet it will dry with a Hairdryer.

Процесс оклейки винилом

The process of pasting vinyl

How to remove the old sticker

The hallmark of vinyl stickers is that they can be fairly easy to remove (which is impossible for airbrushing). When removing autowini it is desirable to use a construction with a Hairdryer and a special liquid to remove the film (you can do without it). The trail from old stickers can theoretically be only from burning out poor paint finish on the sun. If after removing the surface of the car left a little glue, it can be easily removed rubbing with a cloth dipped in hot water.

Профессиональный винил ничем не хуже аэрографии

Professional vinyl no worse than airbrushing

Now you know almost everything about this way of tuning the car as vinyl stickers. Go ahead, take your four-wheeled friend exclusive, unique and individual! Everything is in your hands.