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What is chip tuning car

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How well the driver knows his car? He surely knows how many “horses” under the hood, how it can accelerate to a hundred kilometers, how much she needed gasoline and the like. However, it is likely that his car has hidden features that are not stated in the passport data.

С чип-тюнингом подобные изменения не нужны

With chip tuning such changes are not needed

Faster, stronger…

This applies not only to cars, collected in Bavaria or Japan. Our domestic cars as well, as it turns out, is capable of more. But still in great demand chip tuning diesel engines imported cars.

Properly conducted chip tuning can increase the engine power, torque and significantly reduce fuel consumption. All of this is done without mechanical intervention without any harm to the car. The improvement is due to the changes in the settings and optimize those default settings that affect management system automatic transmission and the engine of the vehicle. It should be noted that the equipment for chip-tuning allows you to make changes only in the software part of the automotive on-Board computer without touching the design of the engine, the fuel injection system or exhaust.

Изменяется только программное оборудование

Only changes software

“Tuning” English “setting”, “setting”. One of the most popular types of finishing for motor vehicle – chip-tuning. In Germany, Italy, UK, USA and other countries of the chip-tuning one of the most popular types of tuning for more than ten years.

In every major European city has at least one firm that specializes in chip-tuning. Its mission is to increase the power and torque. The peculiarity of this method to change the basic characteristics of the motor: torque, power, maximum speed and maximum speed is achieved not by mechanical alterations – bore cylinders, increasing the stroke of the piston, and the like. The main condition – the improvements are placed only on the vehicle having an electronic engine control unit (ECU – Engine Control Unit), in fact it is undergoing revision.

The essence of the firmware for the chip tuning

The ECU is the original car computer. It has a memory chip – chip (chip), which has incorporated the program engine management. The power unit in a modern car of any brand or model works according to its own program.

The ECU manages the operation of the engine. This generates control signals for operating devices related to the fuel system, ignition and turbo. The signals produced on the basis of information received from the installed directly in the production systems of sensors. ECU analyzes the number of revolutions, the position of the crankshaft in the engine, air flow, and similar parameters. Producing a correction programs control the operation of the engine using the firmware for the chip tuning and making appropriate changes, you can change the outgoing ECU signals generated in response to these parameters.

You need special programs for chip-tuning the engine.

For naturally not turbocharged petrol engine equipment for chip-tuning can set up feeding more fuel into the cylinders, to set a higher advance angle of the ignition, change the mode of operating systems, supervising the toxicity of exhaust gases, to change the indicators Rev limiter, etc.

Not suitable for chip-tuning monoindustrial engines, as well as some brands of engines, having an injection system KE-Jetronic.

For a turbocharged engine, in addition to the above changes, you can adjust the torque of the turbo and its maximum pressure.

How is chip tuning diesel engines

Before chip-tuning, we recommend the following:

  • To find out whether there is a principal possibility of the firmware for the chip tuning and change the ECU program. Some vehicles have the ECU equipped with software that cannot be upgraded. It simply is not read and therefore cannot be persepolitan.
  • If chip-tuning you can do, you need to know how this procedure will be effective for a given car model. First of all, it is necessary to have not gone to vain effort spent on tuning, as some model engines do not give a noticeable increase in horsepower and increase torque after making changes to the program.
  • It is worth carrying out a full diagnostic of all working systems of the engine, in order to eliminate the effect of possible errors on the final result, which will hold the equipment for chip-tuning of the car.

Then in the car, remove the ECU and read the original program. It has sizes from 512K up to a maximum of 1 MB native code. Part, which is a table of parameters. Usually, the cards take no more than 10% of the volume of the entire program. The essence of the firmware for the chip tuning is that there is a change of parameter values in tables so that the result is the highest value of torque and power, in comparison with the original program.

For chip tuning diesel engines need to change the table of the duration of injection, constraints charge pressure and others. Moreover, each table can have up to 10. For cars of different brands and models, these tables are totally unique and have individual views.

In addition, the program includes other tables that may need changes: temperature correction, idling, lambda correction and others. In modern engine control program may contain more than 100 tables, and only 10-20 happens modification to increase the power and traction characteristics.

Facilities and equipment for chip-tuning

Each program vehicle ECU has a checksum, calculated for one of the 30 well-known algorithms. After changes in the program checksum is adjusted. If this is not done, the engine may not start at all or will work in protected mode. In this case, no increase in the power of conversation does not even go. In addition, during the diagnostic ECU will manifest error: “Internal ROM ERROR” or “CheckSum ERROR”.

All firmware for the chip tuning have 2-3 modification. Of them, the client selects the most suitable for yourself. Recently began to take root device “Power Step”, representing a switch programs. It gives you the ability to switch between multiple, usually two or three, tuning programs during the movement. This system allows the driver to change the engine performance. You are in the mood and the ability to “fly”, the ECU switches to sport mode. You want quiet, economical drive mode is “standard” or “economy”.

Спортивный стиль вождения доступен каждому

A sporty driving style is accessible to everyone

The original program of each car stored in any moment you can return to your previous settings. Is it free, but it happens very rarely.

The cars, which will be installed chip tuning diesel engines or gasoline engines must be technically sound. This is one of the main requirements for tuning. The question often arises whether the software tuning to solve the problem in the engine. In such cases, the first diagnosis, and in most cases, up to 95%, the car will first be sent for repair, and only then do the tuning.

The results of the firmware for the chip tuning

Cars tentatively, since the 90-ies of the issue with the electronic control unit is already possible to programmatically modify. The number of adjustable parameters is small, and therefore increase power above 5-10% is difficult to achieve. And with a mechanical injector gain will be minimal.

  1. The naturally-aspirated engine

The market is full of cars with an engine. A positive result that will give the equipment for chip tuning cars, can be achieved with an engine having an electronic control (ECU). Torque and power can be increased by 5-10 %.

  1. Turbo engines

Now distributed turbo engines. On these engines, you can increase the torque and power by 20-25%. Turbochargers provide an opportunity to burn more fuel mixture, provides greater capacity in comparison with naturally-aspirated engines.

  1. Diesel engines

With turbocharging also successfully pass chip tuning diesel engines, and the result is not worse. But significantly increase the requirements for fuel quality. In turbocharged diesel engines power increases by 20-25 %, while torque is increased to 30%.

Engine life after firmware for the chip tuning

This is one of the most important issues of concern to car owners. Opponents of this method argue that the power increased in this way, leads to increased loads on the piston and crank mechanism and to intensive wear of these parts. With this you can not agree. The main part of the trip driving takes place in a calm driving style. Rapid start and rapid acceleration – these are the moments that leave marks on the engine life. In practice, the resource is highly dependent on driving style. If the person driving knows only two pedal position, and we can not talk about a great resource, even on a standard car. But, if the driver rationally uses charms chip-tuning, the engine will not differ from normal.

Двигатель не подвергается повышенному износу при использовании чип-тюнинга

The engine is not subjected to increased wear when using the chip-tuning

The turbine rotates in the matter, did the equipment for chip-tuning with this engine or not. Charge control is a valve that limits the pressure and moments enable pressurization. The only thing that can be considered fair in relation to resource turbines is the fact that the turbine works in the high temperature regime during aggressive driving. Simply no need to turn off your car after you stop, and let it run for 3 minutes at idle to cool the turbine.

What does chip tuning diesel engines

In General, the advantages of chip-tuning are as follows:

  1. Higher traction-speed characteristic, which facilitates driving in the city.
  2. In heavy traffic on the road will have the opportunity of making sudden acceleration when overtaking.
  3. Easier movement fully loaded car. In addition, after extended use, the owners complain about the reduction of engine power, the so-called habituation effect. In these cases, the firmware for the chip tuning is the chance to change the characteristics of the machine.
  4. The winning time. This operation takes several hours, sometimes days, at the same time, modernization, forcing the engine is more than one week.
  5. Used equipment for chip-tuning is much cheaper than making constructive changes in the engine: bore cylinders, replacement of parts of the crank mechanism and the cylinder group.

Video – what is chip tuning engine?


Thus, chip tuning can significantly increase the performance of the engine quickly, efficiently and without structural changes of the engine.