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Overview of the major types of aerodynamic body kits and their functions

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Aerodynamic body kit is one of the necessary tuning accessories for the modern car. It is necessary to improve the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle when driving at high speed. In addition, modern skirts is not only a way to improve the car’s handling, but also a way of giving a unique appearance sports or aggressive forms.

Aerodynamic body kit as part of the tuning of the car:

It is no secret that most of the bodies production cars, because of their design, have a high windshield and aerodynamic resistance. In the light of the struggle for environmental standards and reduce fuel consumption producers have to find other ways of solving this problem.

One of the available and optimal control methods to improve the aerodynamics of the car is install a custom body kits

Aerodynamic kit allows you to take a counter-flow of air from areas of excess pressure (engine compartment, underbody of the car), as well as from areas where passing air flow creates turbulence. This contributes to the fact that at speeds over 120-140 km/h the vehicle has a strong grip of the wheels with the road surface.

The most aerodynamic body kits made of plastic. This allows not only to reduce the cost of their production, but also to reduce weight. As each additional kilogram of weight in the car increases the energy consumption and, consequently, fuel consumption.

Аэродинамический обвес автомобиля

Aerodynamic body kit car

Types of aerodynamic body kits

All of the aerodynamic body kits on cars are divided into several basic types:

  • Spoilers;
  • Spoiler;
  • Profiled panels for the bottom;
  • Bumpers front and rear.

Consider each of the types of body kits separately, features of their design and purpose.


Spoilers, usually mounted on the front and rear bumpers, the front of the bonnet, the rear part of the roof, and trunk lid.

The main objective of the spoiler is to direct the air flow in the desired direction

In this regard, most of the spoilers is inclined planes, which are due to the inclination of the working surface, and to divert the air flow. Often the counter stream of air is directed upwards to under the bottom were not formed a zone of high pressure. Due to this, the vehicle speed, as it were, sits down to the road surface. In recent spoilers that install under the bumper, increasingly integrated into the design of the bumper, it has a positive effect not only on their effectiveness, but also the appearance of the car. As most of the spoilers for professional racers, in addition to deflecting planes, equipped with a special diffusers with deflectors that are designed to exhaust air in the desired direction. This approach allows us to provide additional cooling of the brake system.

Спойлеры, как часть аэродинамики авто

Spoilers, as part of the aerodynamics of the car


This type of aerodynamic body kits carries out functions directly opposite to the plane’s wings.

a car with a spoiler’t fly under the action of the lifting force of air flow as the plane, and Vice versa pressed to the road surface

Therefore, by design, the wing is a structure similar to a conventional aircraft wing, but in inverted form. To improve the handling characteristics of the car most of the kits of this type have a small inclination of the leading edge to the road surface. This allows you to increase downforce at times and thus ensure a reliable grip. However, here there is a significant disadvantage. If the angle of the wing will be more than necessary, a situation may arise when one of the axes of the car will be loaded more than the other, which will cause the raising of the vehicle above the road surface and further loss of control. In addition, the strong inclination to the plane of the wing leads to the reduction of the aerodynamic resistance and increases the cost of overcoming the pressure of the oncoming air flow.

The wing is often set on the trunk lid or rear part of the roof, if a car with a sedan, hatchback or station wagon.

Антикрыло, как часть аэродинамической системы авто

Spoiler, as part of the aerodynamic system auto


Front bumper

Acts as a basis for spoilers, and closes against the oncoming flow of air underneath the car. Without additional Dodgers significant impact on the aerodynamics of the body has not.

Передний аэродинамический бампер

Front aerodynamic bumper

Rear bumper

Performs functions similar to the front bumper as the basis for spoilers, and also allows you to divert air flow from under the bottom of the car in the right direction in such a way as to minimize the appearance behind auto zone with reduced pressure. In itself significant advantages of the car does not. Effective when used in conjunction with other kits.

Задний аэродинамический бампер

Rear aerodynamic bumper

Profiled panels of the bottom of the car

Serve to hide the parts of the suspension and underside of the car from the oncoming air flow. Thereby minimizing the resistance of the body in motion, as well as to prevent turbulence underneath the car. Often these accessories use only in combination with other sports kits.

Besides these main types of body kits for cars and there are other accessories that improve aerodynamics: various baffles, grilles radiators, switches for the headlights, side mirrors with streamlined shape of the hull, triflers on Windows, and so on

The pros and cons of aerodynamic body kits

Despite the many positive factors the use of aerodynamic body kits, and has some significant drawbacks. First, the high cost. Secondly, the process of installation requires a certain competence, who is responsible for this. And the third significant drawbacks installation of aerodynamic body kits, and particularly the lower spoilers, is a significant reduction in ground clearance.

Thus, summing up, we can identify the basic criteria that define the installation of body kits for the car. This high-speed driving mode and range of operation of the cars.

If you are a typical city dweller, the Dodgers will be no more than the exterior and useful features to bear will not. If you prefer tight city streets expanse of country highway or auto tracking, then the kit will be an essential assistant