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How to make gills on the hood with his hands

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Want to give your car a unique appearance – tuning of the machine. Options of tuning can be cited. One such option is to make the gills on the hood with his hands. Essentially the gills are holes in the car body. Usually they come in the hood: and effectively, and the cooling is excellent. The car, whose exterior is decorated with gills certainly looks sportier and more aggressive than its counterpart in the plant design. Location gills are selected by the driver, and very often they are mounted on the fenders. Usually located on the wings gills bring the owner only aesthetic satisfaction, the other benefit from them, probably not. An interesting solution is the placement behind bars ready gills neon illumination, if it is, for example, red color, creates the effect that the fire escapes from under the hood.

Жабры на капот - популярный вид внешнего тюнинга

The gills on the hood is a popular type of external tuning

So, let’s change the appearance of your car. First you need to determine exactly where will be the gills. By the way, this decision will not only add the drive in the external appearance of the machine, and hide damage. Many drivers may like the appearance of the machine, finished gills, but not enough to allow you to wield over her grinder or sander. Another thing, when there is damage on the hood, which successfully occur in those places where an excellent location would gills.

For each vehicle shape and size of the gills is determined individually, because now there is no standardized form of hood or body at all. Every car manufacturer makes his creation is special and different from other models. The exact location can be indicated by a marker. You can also paste over the hood of the car masking tape. Next on the tape are drawn to the location of the incision. Note that the incision does not coincide with the ribs of the hood. The fact that in this case the engine when the movement will deflect or simply fold. Such tuning is unlikely to please the owner. Another important aspect is the accuracy of the placement of the holes, because the lack of symmetry will be evident and can ruin the desired effect. Here is the best applicable adage: “measure twice, cut once”.

The gills on the hood with his hands:

Next, cut along the contour grinder. Cut the thin disk, if possible, of a width of 1 mm, it would be neater. The shape of the incision depends on the gills planned to mount. They can be prepared, plastic or fiberglass, or mortise. If you are going to mount the finished plastic gills, then is cut to form the base of the gills, which will be attached to the hood. With such design work much easier, and they sold immediately painted and fully prepared for the fasteners. You only need to cut off the tabs on the edges and sanded the edges. Next, on the edge fastened very reliable tape in addition with silicone sealant.

Also there is another option to make mortise gills on the hood. Also as neatly as in the first embodiment, cut only three sides of the gills, that is, the engine of this part of the metal is not cut off completely. The resulting “language” bent inward to the desired angle. On the sides of the cut voids. Here it is necessary to cut grinder triangles desired shape coinciding with the shape of an angle, and securely welded. Cook better spot welded, having a point 2 cm, otherwise the metal is strongly lead from exposure to high temperature. Next, you should take care of the spot welding. It is better to clean with a wire brush and primed, to avoid oxidation and subsequent corrosion. Keep in mind that these cuts will lead to the ingress of water under the hood, there should be outlets for water.

Такой вид тюнинга могут выполнять в специальных мастерских, а также можно сделать своими руками

This type of tuning can be performed in special workshops, and you can do with your hands

Such detail as the gills on the hood, can be produced together with full tuning of the engine. The distance formed between the hood and the future Abreu, filled with foam, foam to dry during the day. When the foam dries, it cut out in the desired shape, the hood spalletta putty and vyshkurivaetsya. Pre-foam, after giving the desired shape, can be covered with fiberglass, and after drying it be put to use putty.

The tuning of the engine is effected by the imposition of a carbon cloth, a so-called carbon. Before this procedure on the hood is applied primer. It was as if he primes the surface. For the best blend fabric it is better to perform together. After applying the fabric immediately Stolitsa. To put on the hood need about 5-7 layers of resin. Next, you again viscuit the hood and cover it with varnish. When the lacquer to dry, it is necessary to Polish the surface, this will enhance the Shine and eliminate unevenness.

Now that I know how to make the gills on the engine or other part of the body of the car, the car owner should be easier to make an informed decision whether this procedure directly to his car. In any case, when carrying out work, it is important to observe safety precautions and take care of protecting metal from further corrosion. Then, if the work is done correctly and accurately, the result of long delight of the owner.