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The air intake on the car with his hands

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Often can be seen on the roads in cars with the same decoration as the air intake. Fixed this mostly on the hood or in the form of a cap on the roof. It looks like a car with similar decoration is very menacing and at the same time attractive. So many ask the question, how to make the air vent their hands, and what are the options for mounting the part. And there are a few options, for example, the inlet can be bought and installed on the car.

What kind of intake should I choose?

The selection is sure to have everyone. To make such a item for yourself or to purchase branded expensive thing. Branded high quality item is undoubtedly expensive, so the price of air intake can be up to $ 500. However, expensive car, most likely will fit this item. Here we take into account the aerodynamics and load.

Воздухозаборник улучшает аэродинамику и внешний вид  автомобиля

The air intake improves aerodynamics and appearance of the car

You can find air intakes and less well-known manufacturers. The quality of such products may not be as high, but the price is significantly lower. So, it all depends on what is acceptable for you.

For the domestic car industry also offers options air intakes, matching the style and design.

Do the intake independently

If you can’t find on the shelves of the automobile that is right for you and your car, then you can do it yourself. Work can be divided into several stages.

The air vent their hands:

  1. The first step is to take a thick plastic film and foam, they are available for sale and will likely have in any household. By the way, the foam is very popular among motorists keen on tuning. The film should spread on the place where intended to be the air intake. It is necessary to form the Foundation of the items are directly formed exactly on the place where it will later be attached. This will reduce problems with fitting the details on the form. Films take a lot, let it cover the whole hood, but scratches will not, and the foam will not pollute. Now the film is applied to the foam, it remains to be seen when it hardens. On hardening it will take about a day.
  2. From the resulting mass cut and grind the form of planned items. The result should be the template of the future intake.
  3. Itself procurement, of course, only in the process of manufacturing parts. The item will be made of fiberglass. Preparation carefully in several layers to paste over the fiberglass cloth. If the shape of the product has sharp edges or complex shape, then to the fabric better lay down, it must be cut. The total thickness should be approximately 0.5 to see Another day, you will need to ensure that all is hardened after that you can continue working.
  4. Now, the product should be impregnated. For this best fit mastic with fiberglass. You can also mix it with normal body mastic in equal parts, if you want to save. Please note that the impregnation will need a lot and feel it is not worth it, it will affect the durability of the product. By the way, mastic, this is the part that can hide all the flaws and defects, the main thing is not to panic and be patient, then the result will exceed all expectations. On top of the mastic will need to add a few more layers of filler, and then be covered with paint and varnish.
  5. Air intake, in General, ready, were the final touches. First you need to remove the workpiece from the foam, it is no longer needed. The net, without this element will not do one similar item. Moreover, the appearance of the grid plays an important role and can add more aggressive in design. In General, choose something just for you. This is the main plus production kit yourself, you can do what suits you. The net charge stock, or the so-called allowance, that had to fix. Mounted the whole thing on a regular silicone sealant, or any similar structure.
  6. Left to secure the product on the body. Install air intake requires special attention, if you spend enough quality, you can lose the statue on the first turn, then all the efforts will go down the drain. For this you can apply the same silicone sealant. Actually here you can indulge in all that you think most appropriate with regard to the requirements of the vehicle. We are talking about possible corrosion, which you should never forget to find the body safest treatment options. It is also important to remember that when driving, especially at high speed, such parts of the vehicle are subjected to load. However, you should know that, as a lover of all sorts of kit and tuning, most likely, also a big fan speed. So, you know, and have seen all kinds of spoiler and other parts fall off when driving.

Можно купить готовый воздухозаборник или сделать самому

You can buy ready-made intake or make it yourself

This can leave the subject of how to make the air with his hands. Note that this procedure is not for everyone. Someone will prefer to buy a ready-made item, since they are on the market abound, and many simply do not like these additions. However, if you are among those who felt within himself a designer, sculptor and artist in one person, it can be assumed that this is not the final statue out of your hands. Then we can only wish good luck and inspiration in the creative process of turning a standard car into a work of art.