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How to determine the car drowned

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How not to become the owner of the car-the drowned man

In recent times, human nature presents surprises. And then in different parts of the world floods, hurricanes, or drought. This has a negative impact on the living standards of the population in these regions. However, rarely from affected areas such entrepreneurs are buying up different groups of goods, which are then distributed around the world.

Такая картина к сожалению не редкость в последние годы, а ведь многие из этих авто найдут своих покупателей

This picture is unfortunately not uncommon in recent years, and many of these cars will find their buyers

Therefore, it is not rare buying in showrooms and car markets of our country a new or used car, through time in a HUNDRED know that he originally was sent for recycling, as it has been in the water. That would not fall into the trap of scammers will try to answer the question: how to determine the car drowned?

On what grounds can determine the car had been in the water

How can you determine visited the car in the water or not. For many it may seem a trifling matter, because the car had been in the water, you can track the traces of which will inevitably leave the water in the cabin. However, modern technology washing and cleaning of vehicles will help to virtually eliminate all visible defects associated with flooding. Therefore, for that would not buy this car to the problem should be addressed seriously and comprehensively.

There is one accurate method that will allow you to know visited cars under water or not. It is check car by VIN number. The fact that European motorists insure their cars without exception. In the case of flooding a car is transferred to the insurers who will wear it in the database, and give the owner compensation. Then such cars are sold at residual value typically in repair shops and garages. So if you find an insurance company that has access to the single European database then you can easily find out the history of your car.

The following fact, which should alert the buyer is obviously low price. The seller may invoke the urgency of the sale or something like that, do not hurry to rejoice. Better to recheck the car, it is highly likely that the car fell into the water of the river Elbe or any other European river.

Just do not forget to consult the Internet for information about natural disasters that occurred in Europe and Asia. Then when you purchase, specify, where imported cars.

Так выглядит салон автомобиля, который побывал в воде, и не всегда даже автокосметика может побороть такие последствия

It looks like the interior of the car, who had been in the water, and not always even cosmetics can overcome such consequences

More on what experts advise to pay attention is the smell in the cabin. Not infrequently after flooding especially river water in the cracks of a car full of sludge which is difficult to wash and it gives a strong smell of Tina and mustiness. And remove it autocosmetics means very difficult.

If you have a sneaking suspicion, be sure to remove can be easily removed trim panels (if the course will allow you host), usually on the reverse side or on bends is possible to find traces of water in the form of divorce. Remember that leather upholstery after bathing in the water freeze and become hard to the touch.

In addition, on most vehicles as soundproofing install the felt mats. So if the water in the interior of the car was, we felt unequivocally lose their homogeneity, and lose the lumps. It is unlikely it will change, as in this case you have to iterate through the entire cabin, which is very expensive and takes time. Therefore, if possible, be sure to look at the condition of the insulation.

Not be amiss to look under the seat upholstery. Most manufacturers make the seat frames from raw metal wire. And when the inside was water, wire bound to have traces of corrosion.

Be sure to check under the dashboard. Sometimes specialists who are engaged in the drying and preparation of “drowned” for sale too lazy to handle the metal in places. However, the laws of logic and physics, there is, under normal conditions, water, and, consequently, corrosion is not to be supposed.

Запотевшие и помутневшие фары это важный сигнал для покупателя при выборе авто

Clouded and darkened headlight this is an important signal for the buyer when choosing a car

If the seller does not allow you to look under the dashboard or under the upholstery, and auto you obviously liked it and you want to make sure that it didn’t sink, inspect the optics. The fact is that even after drying the car, periodically lights, and other lighting devices can fog up the inside. And even in the absence of fogging is not uncommon on the mirror surface of the reflector remain spots and stains. If the headlights are brand new, and a car according to the seller was not in an accident, then it is highly likely that it was sinking. The situation is similar with mirrors. If they had been in the water, there is a strong likelihood that the reflecting layer is covered with a hardly detectable opacities. And sometimes may even flake.

The risk that you buy the drowning of a car is that the electrical work will be broken. Therefore, at the stage of purchase is very important to check all electrical devices, sensors, and devices. And to carefully examine all contact connections. If the terminals are corrosion, or on the insulation of the wires show signs of dampness so there is a strong likelihood that the car has been in the water. And, of course, do not buy a car if the vehicle’s electrical system do not work or work incorrectly. It is highly likely that this is only the beginning of a chain of failures associated with water getting inside.

Do not believe the seller if he complains about the blown fuse. Ask him to replace the blown fuse by a new one and take the time to check the functionality of equipment again. Very often, the first symptoms after bathing, auto become non-working alarms, open doors, heated rear window, and eventually things will worsen.

Pay attention to the radio or the radio. If the frequency is not recorded, or broadcast is with the visible noise and distortion, this may be an indication that the radio had been in the water, and oxides of tracks on printed circuit boards not working correctly. Don’t believe the seller who complains about the weak antenna. Ask him to install a new, more powerful to check.

Песок внутри дверей и каналов для проводки это явный признак, что автомобиль если не тонул, то побывал в реке

The sand inside the doors and channels for wiring this is a clear sign that the car if not drowning, we visited the river

And finally, the last point in the question of how to define the car drowning is the reaction of the seller. If when finding defects indicating tarnished reputation auto seller first to make serious discounts citing the need to quickly sell a car then you should think. But, as a rule, if a person sees you as the specialist is able to recognize signs of water damage car, it stops the auction and is trying to get rid of this customer.

By the way, in recent years, the restoration of such cars has become much better and safer. So many sellers on the market and the dealers themselves may not immediately recognize these cars. Keep this in mind, and then don’t blame people, it is highly likely that they are themselves caught in the same trap as you. Besides the automotive market in our country has had and many of the traders in this field value their reputation and do not want to spoil her, make stained car. The situation is similar salons. Although unscrupulous sellers as well enough, unfortunately it is our national trait: to snatch more, and at whose expense it doesn’t matter.

What is the danger of buying the car had been in the water

Whether so it is terrible to buy a car that has been in the water. Opinions on this vary widely. Many experts do not advise to buy such cars, as over time the moisture will be felt. And usually, it happens at the wrong time. And most importantly the failure to be in such a place that I would never have got even an experienced mechanic. Therefore, the elimination of the effects of bathing on the car can turn into a long and costly procedure repair of breakdowns.

Typically, the water bath is bad for modern cars are stuffed with electronics and modern engines. Automatic transmissions also definitely don’t like bathing in water. If you do not serve them right after that, they will fail. The ECU and associated control systems on electronic boards are particularly sensitive to water.

Supporters of the purchase of such vehicles refer to the fact that, as a rule, these cars can be bought cheaply. It is therefore important to be able to recognize these cars when buying and knock down the price to an acceptable level. Many believe that the cost of such vehicle has been in water should be less than the average market price of this model of a similar age to 30%. As well as the recovery rate increases from year to year, this car will last you for many years until the effects of bathing in water will be felt.

What steps should I take if you bought the vehicle turned out to be a floater

Immediately need to drive a car for a HUNDRED and diagnostics of all units of the engine and transmission. Be sure to replace all fluids and consumables rubber-plastic components. The salon it is best to completely disassemble and dry your own or with the help of experts. When you do this, be sure to pay attention to the hard to reach places in the body: thresholds, ribs, etc. preferably after drying to process data cavity anticorrosive preservative materials.

Video — how not to buy a car-the drowned man


Mandatory with the help of a qualified electrician check the wiring and all electrical appliances. It would be good to replace it and the rubber seal on the headlights, doors, etc. after Completing all these procedures, you will then be able to enjoy driving your car without risking to break down on the road.