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The cost of car ownership

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Much does it cost to register a car

Most people, sooner or later, there is a desire to purchase their own car. For someone, it will be a totally new car from the salon, and someone can afford a car, already used. However, they are such a mandatory procedure as a vehicle. This is not a simple procedure as it might seem. For example, the cost of obtaining a new car is significantly different from the cost of the operations relating to used vehicles. Certain pitfalls lie in wait for those who first encountered this problem.

Регистрируем автомобиль

Registered car

The whole process, in fact, originates from the time when negotiations begin concerning the sale and purchase of the car. The information that directly concern the design, placed in ired or the traffic police are not always exhaustive and not always objectively reflect the real situation in this matter. In such cases, the person who first confronted with this problem, not able to understand all the current changes to the current legislation, instructions and other documents relating to registration of vehicles. Too many motorists prefer to apply to a specialized company, which offers a full range of services.

Ways of registration of the vehicle

In modern conditions, to get a car in various ways. Too many motorists prefer to obtain property rights through notaries. However, this is not the best option, since the registration of the car under such conditions, a very long process, moreover, very expensive.

Оформлять автомобиль через нотариуса не выгодно и долго

To apply for car through the notary is not profitable and long

Most often, all transactions are made through dealers, Commission shops or specialized firms engaged in connection with the registration of the car.

The procedure of registration of vehicle

The entire process of registration of the vehicle can be divided into several main stages:

  • preliminary agreement of the buyer and the seller on the cost and time of sale of the car.
  • the former owner must remove from the register the sold vehicle.
  • preparation of the necessary documentation based on which the vehicle will be registered to the buyer, which the new owner.
  • the final stage of the transaction is the direct transfer of ownership of a vehicle from one owner to another.

Сперва нужно договориться с продавцом

First you need to negotiate with the seller

At each stage of the design of the car has its own characteristics that must be considered. When choosing a machine the buyer and seller negotiate the cost of processing the sale and purchase of the vehicle, namely, who and what will pay. Thus, you should carefully check the seller’s ownership of this vehicle. Mandatory compares all numbers of knots and units, as well as technical characteristics, with the data specified in the documents.

Documents for deregistration

To ensure that the car was taken off the register in traffic police, you must provide:

  • the vehicle itself for inspection.
  • passport of the vehicle.
  • a statement of the deregistration of the machine
  • any document proving the identity.
  • all receipts required payments.

At the same time, may require transit number of license plates, paper or metal, the issuance of which is paid for separately.

The grounds for obtaining a vehicle

The basis for direct registration of the vehicle serves as the contract of sale concluded between the seller and the buyer. They can be not only physical but also legal entities. The basis for the registration of a new vehicle is the reference account payable at the time of purchase of the vehicle.

Other reasons may serve as the contract of donation, and membership inheritance rights under applicable law.

When the contract of sale does not require notarization, there is enough agreement between the two parties, based on a particular form. To avoid any problems, the contract shall include the most comprehensive data relating to the object of the transaction, with links to the originals of all the required documents confirming the right of ownership. If necessary, attached is the consent of one of spouses in writing to buy or sell a car.

Составляется договор нужной формы

Is a contract necessary form

Particulars of

The contract must indicate the cost of registration of the car and other benefits associated with this procedure. These factors do not affect the process of registration, however, this point, in the future, becomes the subject of dispute between the parties after the transaction.

When placing the car under a deed of gift, additional notarization. In this case, a list of all documents provided by the notary. All other actions are the same as in the contract of sale. Thus, the very design of the car is more expensive due to the payment of notarial services and lasts much longer.

When the car is made in the order of succession in accordance with applicable law, the basic document is notarized certificate of right to inheritance. Besides him, the traffic police are all other documents provided during the registration transport.

Documents for registration

After completion of the transaction, the new owner of the vehicle must submit the following documents:

  • the application for registration.
  • receipt of payment of registration license plates (state fee).
  • the contract of sale, gift or evidence of the right of property by inheritance.
  • the receipt of new documents, as well as the services for processing.
  • the new passport of the vehicle owner.
  • passport car.
  • insurance policy.
  • the act of technical inspection of the machine.

Собирается необходимый пакет документов

Gathers necessary documents

In accordance with applicable law, after the machine is removed from the register, the state rooms you can use for your new vehicle. For this it is necessary to apply to the ired. In this case, the state of the rooms must be good, no dents, chips, scuffs and cracks. In addition, you can leave room to the new owner, subject to the stay of the buyer and the seller within the region.

Thus, the cost of registration of the vehicle is influenced by many factors. First of all, a significant difference between the price of services for businesses and individuals. in addition, you should consider the price difference between foreign brands and models of domestic production. There is a difference in cost between different types of vehicles.

With the planned purchase or sale of a car, you need to calculate in advance all the possible financial costs. For this you can visit ired or to contact the company involved in this procedure. In this case, you will be able to avoid unnecessary spending, and making the vehicle will not be quite cumbersome. Paying for additional service by a professional company, the entire procedure may be only 2-3 hours.

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