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What car was the first in the world?

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The creators of the first cars in the world

First car in the world

Each new person of interest and admiration. And the first car in the world the steam engine was no exception. Of course, such a unit loosely be called a car, and those that do not dare. We’re accustomed to consider such a vehicle is compact, easy to handle and somewhat reliable car.

And the “self-propelled trolley” of the 19th century does not fit that description. In addition, these machines are usually serially, for movement of a wide range of people. Of course, this cannot be said about those single copies, which were produced at the time.
However, as time went on, and in the structure of the cars couldn’t see the changes. You might think that evolutionary mechanisms such spheres of human activity stalled. However, with the invention of the internal combustion engine, the situation has changed radically.

In 1885 the whole world saw the world’s first Karl Benz. It was a three-wheeled vehicle that resembled the invention of a “shrub”. It was powered with a gasoline engine. In the same year Daimler unveiled for the world to see a bike with a motor, and a year later “the wagon” on a motor-powered.

First Karl Benz (Karl Benz)

The first “swallow”

The first who invented the car was Karl Benz. In 1886 occurred the first registration of the vehicle, as patented vehicle. He received wide public recognition, which resulted in the industrial production of such machines. This miracle of engineering thought was a three-wheeled vehicle with an engine of 1.7 liters, which had a horizontal layout.

Attention was drawn to a huge flywheel, located in the rear of the machine. Control was carried out using the T-shaped steering wheel.

This stage of history makes a significant leap forward because the founder of “Benza”offered buyer ready and available for use the car.

Первый в мире автомобиль Карла Бенца

The world’s first Karl Benz

And the first Daimler was able to start production of a functionally equipped with a car engine.

The advantage of this car was the use of water cooling. In this case, the flywheel and the engine was located horizontally. The crankshaft was open. From the engine power transmitted to the differential through the chains and belt, and then to the rear wheels.

Major breakthrough of the design ideas in this car is worth to consider the use of an inlet valve, which had a mechanical actuator and ignition by electricity. At the initial stage engine had 985 cubic inches of displacement. Yet, even this was not enough to disperse such a machine.

Therefore, in the first car added power to the engines to 1.7 litres and installed a two-stage gearbox. Over time, the capacity has quadrupled and amounted to 2.5 horsepower. Summing up I would like to say that the speed of the first car was 19 km/h, which for that time was just amazing.

However, such indicators Carla was not satisfied, so he began searching for new options. Such insistence is the progenitor of the car led to the fact that his offspring competed in racing London-to-Brighton Run, reaching an average speed of 13 km/h. Massively started to make a car in 1890.

Three years later, “Benz” produces four-wheeled vehicle, because the three wheels of steel just old-fashioned. However, without taking into account the slowness and the primitiveness of these machines, they were simple, affordable maintenance and repairs, as well as served more than one year.

Through time there was a two-cylinder modifications. Still, the founder of the company, in the main, adhered to the original technical solutions for their cars.

Despite this, four-wheeled “Benz” continued to produce until 1901. And although this design was imperfect, all cars sold as many as 2,300 copies.

1909 was a year of great difficulty for “Benz”. Therefore, contrary to the will of the head of the company, gathered a group of engineers from France and designed an improved model of the car. It tried to start production, however it failed.

In 1903, Carl decided to forget about their priorities and offered to the market, improved four-cylinder engine inline with the cylinder. After running this hybrid car the firm gradually began to build.

Unfathomable Henry Ford

Henry Ford is considered a true revolutionary in the field of production of cars, which would be accessible to everyone. Ford had a dream. Since that time, as he created a hybrid of the Bicycle and the car in 1896, his idea was to create a cheap car.

Of course, he was not the first who invented a “wagon without horses”. However, Ford was able to bring in their cars all the achievements of mankind for several centuries.

The success of Ford was to the discoveries of famous inventors such as: Lenoir, Otto and Maybach.

Cars Daimler

Daimler in 1886 tried to create my first model, using as the power element of the horse-drawn carriage. And although he had basic details of primitive construction, however, single-cylinder engine was the prototype of the modern engines.

Daimler was reserved and patient designer, unlike the founder of the “ Benz”. He did not hurry forward, and made his first functional car under the name “Daimler” in 1889. Started production of this car in 1895.

Автомобиль Даймлера, модель 1889 года

The car Daimler, model 1889

With firm engaged in the production of its own engines. This policy has created a prerequisite for the release of new, advanced in technical terms models. Among them the French “Peugeot” and “Panhard”.

In 1889 appeared the first car developed huge at that time the speed of 80 km/h. It consisted of a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 24 horsepower. It was bulky, heavy, weakly managed and unsafe vehicle.

Unique Mercedes

Therefore, the next steps of the company were aimed at reducing weight and controllability of the car. In this regard, it is not surprising that there are people who would like to have a machine in his garage.

In the end, the world saw a model named after the daughter of Daimler – Mercedes. She came out of the workshops of the plant in 1900, became the prototype of modern machines. So, what’s the first car would not be considered interesting, though only from this time began to produce something similar to it.

Первый автомобиль серии "Mercedes", модель 1901 года

The first series car “Mercedes”, model 1901

Because the model of the “Mercedes” were able to combine such elements as:

  • the ability to shift;
  • cellular radiator;
  • the ignition with the use of low voltage and magnet;
  • low set stamped frame;
  • mechanical actuator for the intake valves (which they refused).

The total number of such innovations gave Mercedes a lot of advantages, the main of which is regarded as enhanced reliability and manageability during its operation. Especially secure bought brake system, and the quality of the whole “unit” enthusiastically talked about all over the world. Of course, going to this model as the first car.

Year 1904-first significant appearance of “Mercedes-Simplex”. He has an excellent four-cylinder engine (5.3 liters) with the flaps located on the sides. Even at the present time it cannot be called old-fashioned.

Mercedes-Simplex, модель 1904 года

Mercedes-Simplex, model of 1904

Interestingly, the Daimler and Benz never seen each other, but constantly competed. Ironically, in 1926, when inventors were already dead, their companies merged, creating the “Daimler-Benz”.

Australians argue in turn that the father is the inventor of the first car was a Benz and Daimler, and Siegfried Marcus. This inventor has built a car that’s recently taken under protection as a national monument.

The car was manufactured from 1875 to 1889. The exact date cannot be determined until we studied the basic chassis and engine. However, the machine Marcus is really very ancient.

Экипаж Зигфрида Маркуса, модель 1875 года

The crew Siegfried Marcus, model 1875

So whoever was the first inventor of the car, Marcus, Daimler and Benz were moving in the same direction and this is important. What do you think?