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Purposes and functions of auto-kung for modern pickups

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What is auto-kung and why you need it

Every year on the roads of our country, more versatile vehicles, which a decade ago were a rarity. These cars can be ranked the pickups. Previously this category of cars was considered a lot of small farmers.

Универсальный автомобиль - пикап

Universal car pickup

But now many car manufacturers not only USA and Europe are actively promoting the domestic market, this segment of technology. However, unlike the standard pickups, a well-known simple layman in American films, new items are really versatile cars. It is not only small and comfortable truck for transportation of passengers and bulky cargo, it is also a vehicle with the options of an SUV. And the accessories used on these cars allow you to turn a pickup truck into a passenger vehicle. One of the most popular accessories used for tasks external tuning is a special kung for pickup.

Test Drive Toyota Hilux pickup

What is “kung”

The word “KUNG” is, in fact, an abbreviation consisting of capital letters of the phrase: body uniform normal (zero) dimensions. In Europe, this element of the bodywork of the pickups replaced by another phrase “hard top”, which translated means hard top. In Australia and South Africa this body part called “canopy”, that is a canopy or dome. As for the American automobile market, the topper car the stance of a “cap” that is cover.

Конструкция кунга для пикапа

Design kung for pickup

Function and purpose for kung pickups

Structurally, the kung are special covers with possibility of mounting on the rear of a pickup truck. And mount at the same time provides a fast and easy installation (dismantling), quality and tightness due to a multilayer strip. By installing such a topper on the truck, changed not only the appearance, but also functional (operational) capabilities. Structurally, the truck turns into a car class of the van or wagon. With this topper, you can easily carry loads that are afraid of moisture or other atmospheric influences. Some models kung involve the installation of additional equipment in the back (seats, different mounts for the upper trunk, etc.).

Design and types of kung

By construction, all the kung for pickups, despite the similar design, conventionally divided into several types. The simplest models represent a conventional cap which is sometimes called. They can only cover a load from the weather and prying eyes of passers-by. There are whole kung, which represent a solid canopy over the body without Windows. In addition, there are hard-tops, which may have built-in window, internal lighting, elektrosteklopodemniki etc.

Кунг на пикапе

Kung for pick-up

The materials used for kung

As a material for the manufacture of kung different manufacturers use a wide range of materials. This can be a metal structure, plastic, or fiberglass panels. Although recently there has been a tendency to increase the production of military truck made of several materials. So the frame mount can be made of metal profile and the covering of plastic. This avoids the phenomenon of metal corrosion, or deformation of kung. But, at the same time, does not reduce the strength characteristics.

The practical application of kung

There are simple models which are simply put on the body and removed the same way. And more complex counterparts. For example, in some shelters there is a special lift, which allows you to remotely raise or lower the cover for loading or unloading of the goods. Typically, these shelters are intended for expensive models of pickups. Moreover, modern technologies allow color matching to paint like this kung exactly with the body color of your car.

Кунг легко снимается и устанавливается

Kung is easily removed and installed

Kung can be used for the shelter of goods, as we have said, and not for standard purposes. For example, there are special shelters that have under coated layer of insulation. In this regard, under this kung is quite possible to create something like a thermos bottle for transporting cold or hot loads. And you can use the shelter as a tent. And, going fishing or hunting trips with overnight stays, can comfortably sleep in it. And you can use the body of the topper as enclosures for the animals without fear for their safety during transportation.

Advantages, advantages for kung pickups

Advantages for pickup when you install kung:

  • Change in appearance (tuning exterior) that gives the car a more complete image;
  • The ability to carry a reactive loads;
  • The increase in the volume of the Luggage compartment;
  • Protecting things from third-party infringement (theft);
  • The safe transportation of small animals;
  • The possibility to equip the body of extra space for overnight;
  • Extra optics (brake signal);
  • The ability to install on rear aerodynamic spoiler, which leads to the optimization of the aerodynamic configuration of the car in General.

Among the most prominent and popular members of the pickups with kung can distinguish the following models: MITSUBISHI L200, NISSAN NAVARA, FORD RANGER, TOYOTA HILUX, SSANGYONG ACTYON, VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK, NISSAN NP300.

Кунги устанавливают на множество пикапов

Kung mounted on a set of pickups

In the end we learned

Auto – kung is truly a unique and versatile vehicle that combines a broad operational and functional capabilities. Therefore, buying a modern pickup, will not buy him advanced kung.