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Carroll Shelby is a legend of the automotive world

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The history of the automobile idol — Carroll Shelby

Gasping, moving carefully and slowly. This Carroll Shelby is a legend in the automotive world. As always, in a black Stetson, he raises to spotlight the right hand, thereby responding to the applause.

Кэролл Шелби

Carroll Shelby

Very surprising that he is now on presentations Mustang Shelby GT 500 2013 because literally an hour ago was in a hospital bed with a long disease for a couple. However, in the 89 years it itself is truly amazing!

For 50 years Shelby fought with competitors and other failures. That’s why he laughed at is to turn off life support for the emergence of the presentation of the car. For a person who is fully conscious life, the name and reputation of the cars is a trifling matter.

Start of the ascent

Shelby doesn’t like to look back, and only looks forward and focuses on the new project, not stuck in the past.

However, as it produces extremely amazing cars in the past half a century, for sure, will not mind a little trip to the past. Because 50 years ago the first Cobra was able to see the audience in new York. It was on the Ford stand.

Шелби Кобра

Shelby Cobra

Carroll began the creation of this car in 1962, and earlier, in the 50-ies managed to gain recognition on the world’s race tracks. Among other achievements on account of Shelby has a victory in the Le Mans marathon that lasted a day, in 1959. Then he was behind the wheel of a car Aston Martin.

It also owns 16 world and American speed records for Austin Healey 100S (compressor with a streamlined body), participation in races “Formulas-1” 1958 and 1959, and more.

Of course, he could still win a lot of victories, but Chebli from 7 years of age balky heart, that was the end of his driving career. Having lost the opportunity to realize their passion to such competition directly at the wheel, he opened a school, where he began to teach racing skills, and began to build cars. After all, what he himself could not drive, does not mean that you cannot help others to do so.

Instead of building a machine from scratch (once he did it and to this day regrets), Shelby received a license to import AC Ace from AC Cars. At that time the car was equipped with a 2-clitravi Bristol engine, but Shelby needed more speed, because he decided to create a competition of Chevrolet Corvette. And that’s with a 2.6-liter Ford V8 was born Shelby Cobra.

With this engine, and then with 289 and 427 models, this car became, and remains, one of the most famous in the world of sports cars and the most dangerous machine in the hands of an inexperienced driver. In addition, the British because of this model suffer due to the restricted speed. The car somehow caught on speed of 315 km/h.

Gradually rassveta from success, the cooperation of the Ford of Shelby for several decades grew. They released Kuts Daytona Coupe, a provocateur and a threat to Ferrari GT40, as well as the monstrous Mustang Shelby GT500. However, it would have been more if the leader not Ford went to Chrysler. With him gone and Shelby.

Shelby GT500 Mustang

Shelby GT500 Mustang

In the period 1983-1985 Shelby series came out a variety of Dodge, but neither was able to become classics, as the fast fords. Until then, until it was created by the mighty Viper.

Shelby was invited to the team as a consultant on the dynamics. On the cult car of America Shelby worked with Bob Lutz, Tom Gale and Francois Castaing. Ironically, the only thing that was able to steal the show in new York on the anniversary of Shelby, occurred on the same day. It was a presentation of the new car SRT Viper.

Work on yourself

How successful was the work of Shelby on the other, he in 1999 once tried to work on myself. Model Shelby Series 1 engine Oldsmobile perfectly looked, sounded good, was lightning fast. However, due to the huge expense too long and bureaucratic red tape, which was associated with the repurchase of the company and the change of leadership, the project had to close. In all there were only 240 cars. This revenue was not enough to cover development costs. Shelby spent on the project 8 digit sum and decided never to do a project alone.

Shelby Series 1

Shelby Series 1

Some time later, Ford returned with a charged model and re-signed a contract with Shelby because he needed his experience to create fast cars. As the first joint product was the concept car Shelby Cobra 2004. A year later came a delightful and Grand GR-1.

The first modern Shelby Mustang GT500 went on sale in 2006, while remaining faithful to the philosophy of Shelby: “high dynamics on small money”. With a 5.4-liter V8 supercharged engine 500 HP car was worth a little more than 40 thousand dollars.

This car was produced and is now produced by Ford SVT.

Shelby American Inc

Best professionals of Dearborn have a license to use the name of this great man. However, your business Shelby (Shelby American Inc.) also not in place. The company continues to produce timeless model Cobra (289-th and 430-th), and also makes annually about 500 cars Shelby Mustang.

Any client has the option to send a standard Mustang or ask to send the dealer a new car in the workshop. The company has selected an upgrade, from basic GTS V6 to full scale vociferous 800-horsepower Super Snake. In addition included an upgrade chassis, body and motor. In addition, there are many additional things, which you can use to make the car truly unique.

We tested an early demo Super Snake and were impressed with the finishing, Assembly, handling and dynamics.

Shelby Super Snake

Shelby Super Snake

Shelby Mustang is not just a standard car with stripes, new wheels and a great boost. Specialists hone every nuance (from engine to suspension, from chassis to brake). The car was not rude, but on the contrary, became more focused, agile and more powerful.

Of course, I want to test it on the road or on the track for a few days, but already we can say for sure that the device has turned out quite successful.

However, as the business itself. Despite the difficulties in the past, John Luft, President of the company, believes that she is now in fine form. According to him, the business is based on three pillars: building cars, the license for the brand and Motorsport workshop.

New workshop means a lot to the company because it gives the company the ability to offer the owner of any muscle car (Mustang not only) to add to your car a little Shelby (dynamometer forces up to 2000 with 13 lifts). Apparently, a string of wishing is just endless, because the workshop is Packed with cars of a single brand. And over all engineers working Shelby.

Shelby Mustang is constantly moving forward, improving existing products, planning production new with large capacity and alternative energy installations. According to Shelby, they built a couple of concepts of electric models Cobra. However, he doesn’t think it can be a major business in the near future. He notes that exhaust their gasoline engines is pretty clean, so diesel should last at least another 20-30 years and relive it.

In addition, Shelby is not going to give the license to the brand to anyone, in addition to Ford. Despite the fact that Sweetie is the most long-lived patient with a transplanted heart in the world, in the past year, he’s well passed.

However, how many would he have not have lived to tell exactly what this man always exceeds all expectations. His company is thriving, and legacy will live on for a long time.

For 50 years, of course, not all the cars were great, but all were fun and bright. Even when Shelby leaves, his passion and spirit will live forever.

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