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How to behave in traffic – tips and tricks

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What to do in the driver tube, so as not to get bored and even fun

Tube beach on the roads in the modern metropolis, and, standing in traffic jams, you reflect on how to behave in traffic and what to do. As they say, time is money and even standing in a traffic jam, you can always find interesting. Because to fight the traffic does not make sense, the same as shouting and beeping on standing ahead, try to usefully spend your downtime on the road. Many owners have in the car stereo system, various mobile gadgets and toys for them and this issue is not so crucial.

Пробки раздражают

Tubes irritate

But even having a good sound system and being late at the same time for an important meeting, it’s hard not to become aggressive. Therefore, it is useful to get a companion that will distract you from waiting. Also you can always chat with fellow sufferers. After two motorists there will always be something to talk about. Below we will explain what else you can do while standing in traffic.

So, standing in a traffic jam, you can always:

  • leaf through a good book, magazine, to solve a crossword puzzle or check out the documentation
  • clean salon, shake the glove box, check the first aid kit and a fire extinguisher
  • after the salon can be put in order and myself: clean nails, shoes, touch up makeup or hair
  • play on your mobile phone or console
  • to dig deeper into the navigation system, set up the sound system, the height of the seat and mirrors
  • to communicate with friends and family with whom you have not communicated

Есть время привести себя в порядок

There is time to freshen up

Here are a few ideas in order not to get bored in traffic:

  1. Play Sherlock Holmes and look at other people and their cars. Try to imagine who they are, what they do, what their character and habits.
  2. In the presence of radio and mobile phone you can have fun in traffic calls on the radio.
  3. Remember small and urgent matters and try to solve them by phone or at your nearest shop.
  4. You can always listen to your favorite music.
  5. Try to relax. Nervously, you will accelerate your progress and will arrive at the destination stranded and angry. You can also try meditation and some classes of yoga.
  6. What to do in traffic? It is useful in traffic and will be about their own health. Today there are many options of exercises you can perform while sitting. For example, eye exercise, prevent fatigue, as well as some types of exercises against tunnel syndrome in the wrist. Those and other exercises will be particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Also, these classes will allow you to get bored in traffic.

Можно позвонить друзьям

You can call friends

Some examples of exercises for the eyes:

Locate any object near you, for example, a point on the side window and focus on the point for a few seconds. Then, within the same few seconds of focus, or transfer your gaze to a point which will be far away from you, behind the glass. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.

Make 5 rotations clockwise and counterclockwise. Then do another 5 spins at the same rate and order and relax again, such exercises relieve fatigue, improve blood flow and contribute to a more complete distribution of the tear of secretion on the surface of the eye, protecting it from drying out.

Relax brush — cherish from their tunnel syndrome:

Stretch the hands in front of him and our fists to hide his thumbs. Then pull the fists themselves, not bendable hands. It is important the feeling of deep muscle tension and subsequent relaxation.

After you get some rest from this exercise, proceed with the next — stretch the hands forward, palms down, and bend their wrist to the legs, the arm remains smooth.

  • good idea to tidy up your notes in your planner and plan your things for a few days in advance.
  • you can also think about its future path, take the map or GPS, check the road and congresses or detours tube.
  • still looking for how to have fun in traffic? Standing in a traffic jam, you can improve. Reading a book or listening to an audiobook, you can not only entertain, but also to learn a lot from the world of science, art and self-improvement. You can choose from a huge collection, which includes both entertainment and literature, and a variety of workshops and lessons.
  • standing in a traffic jam, you can well to train the memory, remembering the number of machines, their characteristics and colors.
  • press through a sieve and otolithes mirrors and Windows.
  • rummage through your mobile phone and delete unwanted contacts, records, and notes.
  • hungry? After so much practice, you can treat yourself to something tasty and healthy, like Apple or banana.
  • chat bored with the same drivers. Sometimes it is not only pleasant but also useful. For example, you can see the address and phone number of a good service, to consult on the choice of antifreeze or engine noise, to make new friends and even find a life partner. Communication certainly will not be bored in traffic.
  • smile to passers-by, cheer up yourself and others.
  • relax and look at the sky, fantasize over the shape of the clouds, because in the metropolis absolutely no time for it.

Можно перекусить

You can eat

Recently, the network was laid out an interesting survey on the topic “What the driver is engaged in traffic?” and here are his results.

More than 20% of daily drivers spend sitting in traffic jams for more than two hours of time 15% — more than three hours.

The most common answer from the number of comments that were left on the forum, are mobile calls to friends and relatives.

23% of sent SMSes or communicated in social networks using their mobile phone or tablet PC.

14% played on mobile or online games, applications on social networks.

In this age of computer and digital progress is not surprising. People take calls and chat, even without wireless communications for granted.

7% of motorists use convenient a minute of idle time in traffic in order to bring their appearance in order. Some even shave, girls and women put on makeup and painted her lips. And there were even some people who don’t have time in the morning to brush my teeth and do it in the car, standing in a traffic jam, particularly those Windows protect through the use of dark tinting and others can not see, what’s really going on in the cabin.

90% of the respondents, that is, most drivers prefer to relax and relieve internal stress, resorting to the help of music or audiobooks. Simple, because today almost every vehicle even in the basic configuration there is a stereo system and turntable. And a large number of nice and expensive cars have built-in standard audio system. Some people prefer to listen to the radio, someone loves their own music collections, and someone who likes wheels. Often people sing along to your favorite works that raises the tone and gives a charge of positive mood for the whole day. More precisely: 20% of the respondents love to sing along while driving. Audio book prefer only 5% of respondents. Of the most witty responses was rare for fans to honk and cuss “1%”, as well as to sleep in the tube “0,5%”.

Можно послушать музыку

You can listen to music

In conclusion, we note that even in such an unpleasant situation as the traffic jam, you can always have fun and get a lot of positive emotions, as well as learn many new things, meet other people and become a bit better than you were yesterday. We will be very grateful for your comments about how you entertain yourself during long traffic jam and what to do to not get bored in your own car.

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